Thursday, January 24, 2013


Jillian B. Hart
As twilight fell the light snow was still dancing in the cold northern wind.  The clouds hung low and grey still threatening to once again devour the panorama before him in the depths of winter white.  The cold wet, sweeping through his hair and chilling his skin as he heaved the shovel and tossed the heavy snow on the growing mound.  The sparkling powder was packed and the enormity of excavating a path was exhausting.  His muscles were pumped and aching as the winter wind blew bitter around him.  
His footsteps disappearing behind him in the new falling snow as he anxiously marched through the bone chilling air towards the warm light waning through the windows.   Strong casual strides brought him quickly to the stoop steps and he climbed them two at a time reaching for the handle. As his fingers were about to grasp the knob, the door pulled away from him.  The draft that flew in sent shivers skipping down her spine.  The vision of his damp black pants molded to his muscular legs followed by a form fitting ski jacket, that accented linebacker like shoulders, enticed goose bumps to decorate her flesh, as his deep brown eyes met hers and a smile widened across his face.  His eyes brighten while brows raised and his gaze drifted from seductive eyes, past soft curves, hugged by a sophisticatedly simple knit dress.  It’s vertical line of buttons revealing a moderate peek of cleavage and stopping just high enough to expose a glimpse of tawny flesh before the over the knee stiletto boots wrapped her curvy calfs, like a wet tee shirt coheres to bare skin. A welcomed display that awakened his libido and cause the blood to rush between his legs. 

“Baby, it’s cold outside.” He jokingly stated, as he wrapped one arm around her and pushed the door closed behind him with the other.  
Scooping her closer, as her sultry eyes held his glance, she let out a low sexy giggle and said, “Cold enough to catch your death.  You’d better warm up.”
Sucking in a shuddery breath as she linked her warm fingers around his neck and nestled them under his scarf on his cold skin.  Internal desire twisted, warming him from the inside out and a burst of heat shot through his groin.  Anticipation danced in her eyes.  Her hands fell forward and tugged the zipper on his coat until it fell loose and she could slip her arms around his waist and nuzzle closer to him.  Her soft lips brushed his jawline and dotted kisses down his neck leaving a warm wet trail, on his chilled skin, from his earlobe to his collarbone.  Her hands glided up his strong back and help to free him from the restraints of his coat, which fell carelessly to the ground.  Her leg pressed against him and she instantly knew his desires were as escalated as her own by the firm pressure against her hip as they embraced tighter.   
He pushed his body against hers and put his mouth near her ear and whispered, “I could use some help getting warm.” 
Her eyebrows raised playfully as she responded, “Think hot thoughts, baby”.  
His mind filled with wild and wicked images as hormones rocketed.  Her innocent sensuality dripping with the sexiness of a siren aroused all of his senses and caused a pulsing between his legs, leaving him feeling slightly lightheaded.  His handsome chisel features highlighted by the blush from the cold and rush of his blood melted her heart.  Gently brushing the cinnamon tendrils from her cheeks he cupped her face and lifted her chin.  Her tongue barely poked though parting her lips and ran around them leaving a glossy shine, as she felt his warm breath and intoxicating scent surround her.  Desire flowed as their eyes met and his hands ran through her hair nudging her closer.  Their lips brushed just delicately at first. Yet the barely there touch teased of what was to come and ignited heart pounding passion.  Their lips blending as one, as soft pressure stole their breath.  Sucking in air breathlessly, tongues touched and traced circles together.  Her hands tightened around him and the excitement increased as the warmth of his kiss penetrated deeper and deeper within her.  The kiss, making her weak in the knees and the heat of her desire peak at the apex between her thighs.  Listening to her low moaning, he took possession of her mouth and sexily snaked and tangled her tongue with his ever more passionately, - with every moment tasting sweeter.  Parting to draw a calming breath to fill his lungs with much needed air, her eyes fluttered open and longingly met his, raising the heat pumping through her veins from simmer to boil.  She blew out a voluptuous pant, her dark chocolate eyes were full of want.  Her lashes flickered, her mouth in a provoking pout, she thrust her pelvis forward pressing against him and urging him on.  
“Are you thinking hot thoughts, yet?”
He groaned and drew her in tighter while swooping her off her feet and helplessly into his embrace.  With a triumphant smile he followed the sounds of the crackling fire and tenderly laid her down by the warmth of it’s heat, leaning in to mesmerize her with more kisses. Running hands over his back she tug the shirt free from his waist and glided it over his head.  He surfed his tongue over her full fleshy lips and drew them in.  Loving the way her mouth moved under his lead.  Her purr vibrated quietly in his ear prompting his pulse to peak.  
She raked her fingers though his raven locks and encouraged his touch as her body seemed to liquefy against his.  Pressure building in his tightening pants he sank deeper kisses into her mouth and felt her hip sway invitingly under his.  Her arms around his neck she kissed him long and deep matching the intensity of his every move.  His kisses broke from her lips and traced the landscape of her form.  Her head tilting back as a quiet moan escaped her mouth.  Her heartbeat racing as her dress fell to the floor and  he continued to explore her soft flesh.  Her warm breath coming fast heavy as he kissed and suckled the sensuous curves and valleys of her body.  She indulged in working the waistband of his pants massaging the swelling bulge as she unfastened the button and tugged on the zipper.  They writhed with excitement while wriggling free from their remaining clothes - hands stroking and petting each other with a storm of erotic awareness.  He ran his fingers up her legs climbing slowly higher until he reached her heated core. Dark lashes fluttered around her expressive eyes, the breath stolen from her lungs, she moanfully managed to whisper, “Don’t stop, touch me more”.  His hand slid higher and met warm wetness and stroked her inner fire as she completely surrendered to his touch...