Contributors Wanted

It's Finally Time!!!

"The Crew" at the "Lounge" longed to share their voice and vision in fun & creative ways. It's a labor of love that hopes to entice others to find their "write" way to think, dream, act and endure.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN...... Time for you to submit writings to DRL!

 Check back here often to see "POSTS WANTED" 

Posts submitted for consideration should be approximately 300 words. 

- Choose topics that you feel have a place here at the "Lounge".  

- Choose to write for a specific "department" or "feature" areas.

- Submit posts via

- Include a contact email and specify the "by-line" name to be used, (pen/screen names welcomed.)  

- Writers retain all rights to their works, however DRL reserves the right to repost submissions at anytime, unless specifically requested by the author in writing and that request has been confirmed by an editor in writing via email.

- Any edits to submitted works will be reviewed by the author prior to posting with the exception of basic corrections in grammar and or spelling as needed or desired by the editors.


Sports Pub - New Department -  Anything with a basis in sports desired!!!

He Said, She Said - Topic to be "Talked Back" to by other DRL writers

Paranormal Pub - Paranormal activities or "ghost" and/or "spirit" stories

The Real Housewives of DRL - We will let you ladies just go with this one!

Man Cave - To quote Jillian, "Talk to me, gentlemen!"

Any free-style writings that fit the Lounge