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 - 1986Vanessa Zima   (24)
 - 1979Ryan Key   (31)
- 1978Manny Pacquiao   (32)
- 1978Chase Utley   (32)
- 1975Milla Jovovich   (35)
- 1974Duff Goldman   (36)
- 1958Mike Mills   (52)
- 1953Bill Pullman   (57)
- 1947Wes Studi   (63)
- 1946Eugene Levy   (64)
- 1945Chris Matthews   (65)
- 1930Bob Guccione   (80)
- 1929William Safire   (81)
- 1894Arthur Fiedler   (116)

Friday, December 16, 2011


Dawn Boyle
...for praying?
If you are a football fan you most likely have heard of Tim Tebow andTebowing, which was made headlines for his devotion to his faith and displaying that on the sidelines during games. Two students in Riverhead, New York have been suspended for one-day on Wednesday, after three days of taking a knee with their foreheads resting on their fists and apparently clogging the hallway of their school. Reports said that the students had been Tebowing all week, starting Monday. It was meant to be a joke, only paying homage to one of pro football's newest stars. But other students started joining in and administrators claimed it had become a disturbance. District officials reportedly told the students that the celebration was making it unsafe for students walking the hall in between classes.

I have to say this is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and if this was any other religious or cultural gesture the school would not be suspending students, rather jockeying a litigation team to deal with being sued.

In the world we live in where kids are bullying others and committing suicide due to the bullying - give me a break! Even if it started out as a joke for these students wouldn't we want our kids to display signs of Faith rather than signs of hate?


Tony Walker

It's not Halloween but I am going to share with a scary story.
If you've read my posts you may know that I have a 12 year old autistic daughter. She is very high functioning but just makes the spectrum.
Wednesday, November 30th, 2011. A day I will never forget.
My daughter is in the drama club at her middle school. She attends the regular middle school in the town we live in. Last year she joined the club. She had no friends in the club. None of the "typical" kids would talk to her yet she loved going. This year one of her classmates is in the club. Yay!
When any after school activity is over the main office is open so kids can use a phone to call someone for a ride. In my daughter's case she always used that phone or her friend's cell to call me. A rehearsal schedule was not given out yet so I had no idea what time rehearsal would be over so I could expect my call.
Around 515 I realized she should be home. My wife was working so my son & I ran up to the middle school. The security guard told us that the drama club let out at least 45 minutes prior to us getting there. Immediately I went into "Oh shit" mode. Panic.
My son & I walked the parking lot. We split up to look around the middle school. We ran over to the high school which is right next door. Nothing.
We went back home in case someone gave her a ride. Nothing.
I know the parents of the friend who is drama club with her. So I called their house. The friend was absent from school that day.
I cannot describe to you the feelings I felt while this was happening. Is my girl gone? This happens to other people, not us! Am I going to be one of those people crying to Diane Sawyer on TV pleading for my girl's return? I kept picturing her face. My son was ready to burst. I had to keep it together for him.
A buddy of mine who happened to stop by right at that moment agreed to stay at my house to man the phones as I head out to search.
We went back to the school. Still nothing. As we started driving up & down Wantagh Ave my son is practically begging me to call the cops. I considered calling my father in law who lives nearby & is a retired policeman. I thought about calling my wife. I figured I don't need to call anyone, she's fine. Then again I was also thinking I need to call someone, she's gone! Every face you see on the street I studied. Every person I made eye contact with I hoped was going to be someone with info. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
This went on for over an hour.
Finally my buddy called me. He said my dog started barking so my buddy looked out the window. Nothing. But something had to be up if the dog was barking. All of a sudden in the backyard was my girl.
He called me. I raced home. I grabbed my girl who looked frazzled. She said the main office was closed, the security guard was on his phone for a long time, & her friend was absent. One of the main symptoms of autism is the lack of social skills-my daughter asked 2 girls she didn't know (which was a major thing for her to do) if she could borrow their cells. These girls were "typical" girls. They both said no. My daughter panicked so she ended up walking home. She went the long way.... crossing some major roads & walking close to 3 miles.... IN THE DARK!!!! My heart races just thinking about it. Sure enough the very next day in our town someone tried to throw a teenage girl into a van.
Needless to say I ran up to the school the next morning to kick some ass. Why would the teachers (yes there are more than one at drama club) leave the place without checking to see if everyone, especially the special needs child, is accounted for? Why is the security guard yapping on his phone instead of doing his job?? Why are the "typical" kids so freaking mean?? I thought there was a lot more acceptance these days!!
All school districts need to supply more knowledge, understanding, & acceptance into the general population of their schools, plain & simple. Autism numbers are rising all the time. Practically everyone is closely associated to someone with some kind of autism these days. I am appalled that these things happen.
I went out & bought her a cell phone the very next day.
Have you ever experienced something like this?
A few years ago my daughter's bus was lost for 2 hours. We were freaking out then too but I don't wanna make this post an even longer read. Point being no matter how many times this happens you never get used to it. The most scary feelings you will ever have, believe me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Deanna Verbouwens
I am in inadequate hugger when my children need it most, and I need an intervention. It’s just not a natural instinct for me to hug them when they fall or get hurt. I can hug the shit out of them in a normal environment, cuddle up watching TV, reading a book, tickle them and kiss them up until they tell me to stop but once the hurt starts, the tears start flowing my initial reaction is “Get over it” or “Shake it Off”. It literally takes my brain a few seconds to activate the” Oh, shit I should probably hug them” brain cell. It’s like my brain’s defibrillator needs to be fine-tuned because now those shocks are coming in at a turtle’s speed and it ain’t doing nothing for me. It shouldn’t take a good 5-to-15 seconds for my brain to register comfort, hugs, love… but it does.

The littlest bugger pummeled Richie and smacked the crap out of him with a plastic elephant, which I know hurt, it had too; there was no way it couldn’t. What did I do? I turned around, and walked to the kitchen, than a full 15 seconds later it registered that the poor little guy must be in pain. I know, I know, I am SO getting Mother of Year award, the plaque is being engraved and I believe it’s being shipped out as I write this. What’s wrong me with me? I am really trying to figure this one out as I’ve noticed in recent weeks that my response rate to any injury is terrible, thank goodness I am not employed by EMS. I shudder thinking about those poor people I would have let down, I would have been fired. I wonder if my children notice that I let them cry it out instead of running to their aid. I am actually training myself to stop what I am doing the minute I hear the hurt happen and go to their aid; it’s hard, very hard. I mean, I just had to stop writing this wonderful blog to comfort Richie. The two-year old with full force, with the fire in his eyes, his little body moving so fast it looked like his feet were flying, grunting like a weight lifter from one end of the basement to the other sacked Richie as if he was a linebacker for the New York Giants. Knocked the crap out of him. Richie didn’t know what hit him; the poor little bugger looked like he got knocked out by Tyson, but thankfully he still had his ear.

I am wondering if the fact that I grew up with four sisters and a sick dad made an impact on my response. We fought but with words, rarely with anything physical – we’re not angels. We laid the smack down but only when we really had too. But our words, our words could cut you like a knife, they still can. I mean, my older sister was overweight and we came up with the most hurtful thing in the world to call her “Blubber Harry”. We slung that in her direction any chance we got. I actually apologized last year (okay, a little late) but c’mon, you couldn’t get any meaner. We were mean, mean, mean.



One baby crying, two toddlers fighting , only three lanes open , four Barbies flying , FIIIIIIIIIIVVVE PONY TALE WEARING MOMS!!!!!!

Yes, the Christmas dash is on and the new mommy and me meeting spot these days seems to be Toy R Us.

As we were gathered around the board game aisle , in outfits we vowed not to be wearing when we became moms, you know - sweats , a t-shirt that was okay for your child to wipe his/her mouth on , bear paw slipper/shoes and of course the traditional mom pony tale - frizz free and pulled back tight enough to make your eyes look wide awake and refreshed. I remember distinctly saying to myself when I saw someone dressed so ," I would never dress that way when I become a mom", now knee deep in it I see the rational.

We all paused in the board game aisle took a deep breath , glanced at each other - laughed and shook our heads in some bewildered state of comradeship . Talks of the outrageous price of a board games (Doggie Doo Game - $24.99, do I really need to pay for a toy to crap in my house and clean up after it - hello - mom of three boys here!!) and break your bank account LEGOS, that will probably be completed in twenty minutes($150.00 later) , In the midst of the Christmas kaos it was a nice breather.

We exchanged gift ideas , where something may be less expensive , yet - is it worth the gas money to drive and purchase it elsewhere? What's the hot toy everyone is on a treasure hunt for? Complaining about the lack of registers open when people are looking for jobs even a few laughs.

Even on line there were some thoughtful do gooders, handing coupons back and forth if someone saw something in your wagon they were't purchasing or didn't make the limit to use a certain coupon. I have to say that even at the register ( forty minute wait repeating -"don't touch that - annnnd don't touch that!) the cashiers seemed to be non - robotic and shared a little holiday spirit interaction.

So , if you think your alone, the only crazy person on the planet who's head is spinning in all directions waiting for your eyes to catch up and focus during these last few shopping days and preparation for Christmas GOOD NEWS - YOU'RE NOT!

Buckle up and enjoy the sleigh ride my friends , the holiday season comes once a year ( exhale), next year we're all a year older (don't be scared) , we hope and pray they still "BELIEVE" ( threaten them if they don't - wink wink) , and don't forget the egg nog!!!!!

Merry Christmas!



This New Jersey woman faces manslaughter charges for just that. Kasia Rivera, 34, injected silicone into the penis of
Justin Street
, 22, at her home, in East Orange, New Jersey. According to the Medical Examiner, the man died from a silicone embolism one day after the procedure. The death was ruled a homicide.
Rivera was arrested and bail was set at $75,000. She was also charged with unauthorized practice of medicine. Police believe there are other victims out there and are calling for them to come forward.

Honestly, I can understand men and women wanting to enhance their natural attributes, but to go to some untrained, unlicensed stranger’s non sterile apartment for such a procedure?  Really? I think it’s taking enough of a chance going to a licensed professional these days!
It’s time for people to be happy with who they are and what God gave them! As much as I’d like to look 20 years younger, I just can’t see having my face chopped up and injected to do it. I’d love to be many pounds thinner, but to basically have a slicing, sucking vacuum cleaner rip out my fat? I don’t think so. Our society has people so discontent with themselves that even our children are wishing for plastic surgery and liposuction!

My wish for the New Year: Let’s love and appreciate people for who they are inside and what they do for others. Let’s also recognize that not everyone needs to look like a model or movie star. Some of the most amazing people I’ve had the joy of loving and sharing friendship with would not fit society’s definition of “beautiful”, and yet, they are truly the MOST Beautiful,  lovely, attractive, endearing, treasured and adored people in my life. Some are gone and in my memory they are and always will be, perfect!  I wish all of you the good fortune of having such people in your life;

Happy Holidays to all you beautiful people!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marion’s Best Cookie Cutter Sugar Cookies

Attending a cookie exchange, having the neighborhood kids over, or going to a friend's Christmas party? You can never go wrong with a really good basic sugar cookie. These have been my favorite for the past 30 years. I've yet to find another recipe that is as easy and produces such delicious cookies!


1 cup butter

1 cup sugar

1tsp vanilla

1 egg

3 cups flour

2 tsp. baking powder

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cream butter and sugar until smooth. Add vanilla and egg and keep blending. Add flour 1 cup at a time, mixing well. Add baking powder. When well blended, roll out on floured surface to 1/8” thickness. Dip cookie cutters in flour and cut shapes. Sprinkle with colored sugar if desired. Bake for 6-7 minutes on ungreased cookie sheet. Cool on wire rack. Makes 2-3 dozen cookies.

Optional: cookies can be decorated with icing or drizzled with melted chocolate.


Dawn Boyle

 We are days away from either enjoying ourselves and our families OR suffering through yet another year of WTF?

Here are a few simple suggestions that should you through the days ahead!

1. If you think you didn't buy enough, you did. Go take a look in the closet and see exactly how much the kids haven't even opened from last year! If you still have a certain person that you just can't figure out what to get, bring them to or make them a special dinner or take them to a show. I bet you have no idea what you got or gave for Christmas, but will remember time spent with special people.

2. Stop being jealous of your siblings...some have more money or a bigger house or was you parents favorite, but get over it! Stop dwelling on things that you can not change! The only way to enjoy yourself will be to let it go and remember YOU ARE FAMILY!!

3. Remember why we are celebrating. The reason for the season. It might not be about the birth of Christ for you, but it is about joy and peace. Find a moment to reflect on all the positive things in your life and encourage your kids to do so as well, it will brighten up the darkest day.

4. If you want to kill your mother-in-law throughout the year, this is usually magnified during the holidays. Give her a break. Remember that without her, you wouldn't have your significant other (good or bad). Let things roll off your back. It will be January 2 in no time and will be months before you have to deal with her again!

5. Don't let the holiday cheer get the best of you! Aside from the fact that you are probably already run down, the booze will only intensify those "liquid" feelings! Keep the consumption to a minimum and actually enjoy the day after!

6. Last but not least, surround yourself with your older relatives. You don't realize how much of a blessing they are until it is too late. Listen to stories, bring out old photo albums or videos. Remember those who you lost but appreciate those you still have!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Shannan Gilbert...

Remains found in Suffolk County, New York. are believed to be those of Shannan Gilbert. Located 1/4 mile northeast of where belongings were found. It is the opinion of Suffolk County Police that she was not killed, but died in attempts to get to Ocean Parkway in the early morning hours on the date she went missing.

Medical examiner has to confirm the identity. Confirmation to follow.

Our condolences to the Gilbert Family.

For more information and our story click on the link below


She let go of the fear. She let go of the judgments. She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head. She let go of the committee of indecision within her. She let go of all the 'right' reasons. Wholly and completely, without hesitation or worry, she just let go.

She didn't ask anyone for advice. She didn't read a book on how to let go... She didn't search the scriptures. She just let go. She let go of all of the memories that held her back. She let go of all of the anxiety that kept her from moving forward. She let go of the planning and all of the calculations about how to do it just right.

She didn't promise to let go. She didn't journal about it. She didn't write the projected date in her Day-Timer. She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper. She didn't check the weather report or read her daily horoscope. She just let go.

She didn't analyze whether she should let go. She didn't call her friends to discuss the matter. She didn't do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment. She didn't call the prayer line. She didn't utter one word. She just let go.

No one was around when it happened. There was no applause or congratulations. No one thanked her or praised her. No one noticed a thing. Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.

There was no effort. There was no struggle. It wasn't good and it wasn't bad. It was what it was, and it is just that.

In the space of letting go, she let it all be. A small smile came over her face. A light breeze blew through her. And the sun and the moon shone forevermore."

- Ernest Holmes

Monday, December 12, 2011


Men's Christmas Wishes

As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a woman, who's very cheap.
One who's sexy, blonde and long.
Who notices that she's mostly wrong.
One who sucks And doesn't speak.
And promises to do so, Once a week.

I pray that she is very randy,
'cause one like that would come in handy.
Opens her leg and lies on the floor,
And once I'm done, she begs for more.
Oh! Send me a woman who will not play with my mind.
Who knows what she wants and that's lots from behind!

One who'll make love till my body's a twitchin'
and brings ME a beer, when she comes from the kitchen!
I pray that she'll last right up to the end,
And would never complain when I do her best friend.
Thanks in advance and you know I can't wait,
So I'll screw all the rest 'cause it's never too late.


Barbara Ward-Finneran
Where does the time go? I don't feel old.  I don't even feel forty-something.  I've been told I don't look or "act" it either.  Yet, time marches on... DON'T BLINK!

It was twenty five years ago this month that I was honored to become a God-Mother for the very first time. Other then my own Mom, my cousin, Judy, has been one of the greatest examples in my life of what a mother's love should be when witnessed in action and with God's loving grace.  She "mothers" all with unending kindness and unconditional love.  I've always adored my "big" cousin. One of my mentors, one of my heroes, one of my very best friends!  At sweet sixteen, to be asked to become her baby's Godmother --- I was over the moon!  I got to have "my" first baby.  I would forever be his "God-Mommy".  He and I would forever have a super special connection.  He would forever light up my face with a smile and big belly giggles.  He would forever be "mine".

Like it was yesterday, I remember holding him in Church beaming with pride. Watching as the priest poured water over his head and breathing in the sweet scent of the chrism oil.  I didn't ever want to let him go.  Not quite a "real adult," I got my last skinned knee playing tag with the kids at the party in the park that followed.  Yet, I love that scar, as it brings me back to that day.  Over the years I have mailed him movies, baked him cakes, bought him feety PJs, went on ferry rides to visit him, brought him to the "F" Place aka; Friendly Restaurant, visited Washington DC together, went to zoos & parks galore, gone beaver "hunting", played video games, danced and played at block parties and weddings, and watched many a soccer game.  Hugged him with out needing to say, "I know your heart is broken", as well as saw him graduate and a gazillion other things not in any order and all in between.  He went from the beautiful baby in white at his baptism, to a little boy who accidentally bit me when wrestling the cob from corn on the cob away from this little eating machine, to a cub scout, to a varsity soccer star, to a twenty-something ---in the blink of an eye.

In a few hours that little blond boy with the big blue eyes, our Christopher, who has become this handsome and amazing man, Chris, leaves for boot camp.  The tears spill over the rims of my eyes as I type, as I cannot believe that he is "all grown up" and because I couldn't be more proud if he was my very "own"!!!  That's the thing about loving someone and being proud of them - as they grow up, as time passes it just multiplies.

Today he will no longer be a civilian.  He will, follow in his father's footsteps and become part of the Coast Guard family.  The Coast Guard's enduring roles are maritime safety, security and stewardship.  They do this with eleven statutory missions and their motto is Semper Paratus, Latin for  "Always Ready" or "Always Prepared".

May our Lord Bless and watch over him (and all those who serve).  May he be protected and live his greatest aspirations in this new journey of his life.  When it's hard, may he know and feel the strength of all those who love him.

Oh, my Christopher, ---- Chris...  it's been a blink of an eye. And, it has truly been an honor!!! I cannot wait to watch as the rest of this adventure of life unfolds before you.  GO GET 'EM! Go follow your dreams and make new ones! Go be AMAZING!  (I KNOW YOU WILL BE!) Go be "Always Ready" and "Always Prepared".  And go knowing you will forever be "mine". You will always be in my heart.  My love and my prayers will follow you wherever you may go.

Godspeed, my Godson, GODSPEED!!! xoxoxo

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

With a name like Bam Bam, you know he’s big! Bam Bam is a male orangutan who lives at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida. He was born on January 3, 1999 in a commercial breeder’s facility in Florida. He was sold to a California trainer and worked in the entertainment industry for several years. He spent 2 years playing the part of an orangutan nurse in the soap opera “Passions”. Once he turned 6, he became too strong to work with people. Retired at 6 and with a life span of 40 – 50 years, the question arose, what will we do with Bam Bam?

Fortunately for him, Bam Bam was sent to the Center for Great Apes, a sanctuary which allows orangutans and chimpanzees to live out their life spans with dignity in a safe and enriching environment. No more side shows, soap operas or medical labs for these residents! Just lots of love, care, and a clean, spacious habitat where they can so what apes do best, be happy.

As an adolescent, Bam Bam loved to wrestle, chase, swing on vines,and cause occasional havoc with his friend Louie, another adolescent orangutan. They loved to follow staff around the property using the tree top tunnel system. They competed for attention with their antics and silliness.

 Bam Bam is now entering his sub adult years. As is natural, he avoids other male territories and prefers the company of females. He especially enjoys spending time with Tango, a female orangutan who formerly starred in Tang commercials. 
Bam Bam is a sweet, gentle giant. He loves to investigate new toys and the enrichment materials given to him. He’s active and very acrobatic. He loves to climb to the highest places in his habitat, but he’s always happy to come down to say hello to visitors.

Bam Bam was recently the subject of a painting by artist Kori Johnsen. With her great talent and unique style, Kori captured Bam Bam’s playfulness and gentle character. The painting will be auctioned off at the annual Members Open House to raise money for the care of these special creatures.
Patti Ragan and painting by Kori Johnsen
 Founder, Patti Ragan makes sure that each resident Ape receives the best care, medical attention, food and enrichment possible. These animals are loved and cherished but most importantly, they are respected and allowed to live the life they were intended to live. Many workers, interns, volunteers and supporters join forces to make the Center a place where miracles happen.

Check out the webpage for the Center for Great Apes and read about the many tragedies turned miracles! Want to give an amazing Christmas gift? Visit the CFGA gift shop to find t-shirts, hoodies, hats,artwork, books and so much more! Donate in someone’s name for a truly unique and treasured gift. For $150 you can receive an adoption certificate with a frame quality photo and biography of your ape. Of course, donations of all sizes are welcome.Donations can be made on line through the website as well.

Merry Christmas from all the Apes at the Center For Great Apes!
Geri loves to open her packages!
Oopsie loves her new blanket!
*As required by Florida law, we are registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, # SC-09272.
100% of your contribution goes directly to the Center for the care of orangutans & chimpanzees as well as the operation of this sanctuary, and none of your donation goes to a professional solicitor.
The Center for Great Apes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.
Big Boy Pongo loves his treat box of nuts and dried fruits!


How to Make a Glass Ornament Wreaththumbnail


You will need a foam wreath form, a glue gun and approximately 80 different colored and sized ornaments.

Remove the loop where the ornament would have hung from, but do not remove the rest of the metal. Use the glue gun to affix the ornaments on the wreath in a circular pattern. Finish with a large ribbon or bow.


Anne Heywood
December 11, 1932
Ben Browder
December 11, 1962
Brenda Lee
December 11, 1944
Bror Bugler
December 11, 1908
Carlo Ponti
December 11, 1913
Christina Onassis
December 11, 1950
Clement Duhour
December 11, 1912
David Gates
December 11, 1939
Derek J. Filiatrault
December 11, 1970
Derek Nolan
December 11, 1973
Donna Mills
December 11, 1942
Easther Bennett
December 11, 1972
Elwyn Brook-Jones
December 11, 1911
Fiorello La Guardia
December 11, 1882
Georgia Ann Clline
December 11, 1965
Gilberto Roland
December 11, 1905
Grace Paley
December 11, 1922
Gwenllian Gill
December 11, 1915
Heikki Aaltoila
December 11, 1905