Monday, December 12, 2011


Barbara Ward-Finneran
Where does the time go? I don't feel old.  I don't even feel forty-something.  I've been told I don't look or "act" it either.  Yet, time marches on... DON'T BLINK!

It was twenty five years ago this month that I was honored to become a God-Mother for the very first time. Other then my own Mom, my cousin, Judy, has been one of the greatest examples in my life of what a mother's love should be when witnessed in action and with God's loving grace.  She "mothers" all with unending kindness and unconditional love.  I've always adored my "big" cousin. One of my mentors, one of my heroes, one of my very best friends!  At sweet sixteen, to be asked to become her baby's Godmother --- I was over the moon!  I got to have "my" first baby.  I would forever be his "God-Mommy".  He and I would forever have a super special connection.  He would forever light up my face with a smile and big belly giggles.  He would forever be "mine".

Like it was yesterday, I remember holding him in Church beaming with pride. Watching as the priest poured water over his head and breathing in the sweet scent of the chrism oil.  I didn't ever want to let him go.  Not quite a "real adult," I got my last skinned knee playing tag with the kids at the party in the park that followed.  Yet, I love that scar, as it brings me back to that day.  Over the years I have mailed him movies, baked him cakes, bought him feety PJs, went on ferry rides to visit him, brought him to the "F" Place aka; Friendly Restaurant, visited Washington DC together, went to zoos & parks galore, gone beaver "hunting", played video games, danced and played at block parties and weddings, and watched many a soccer game.  Hugged him with out needing to say, "I know your heart is broken", as well as saw him graduate and a gazillion other things not in any order and all in between.  He went from the beautiful baby in white at his baptism, to a little boy who accidentally bit me when wrestling the cob from corn on the cob away from this little eating machine, to a cub scout, to a varsity soccer star, to a twenty-something ---in the blink of an eye.

In a few hours that little blond boy with the big blue eyes, our Christopher, who has become this handsome and amazing man, Chris, leaves for boot camp.  The tears spill over the rims of my eyes as I type, as I cannot believe that he is "all grown up" and because I couldn't be more proud if he was my very "own"!!!  That's the thing about loving someone and being proud of them - as they grow up, as time passes it just multiplies.

Today he will no longer be a civilian.  He will, follow in his father's footsteps and become part of the Coast Guard family.  The Coast Guard's enduring roles are maritime safety, security and stewardship.  They do this with eleven statutory missions and their motto is Semper Paratus, Latin for  "Always Ready" or "Always Prepared".

May our Lord Bless and watch over him (and all those who serve).  May he be protected and live his greatest aspirations in this new journey of his life.  When it's hard, may he know and feel the strength of all those who love him.

Oh, my Christopher, ---- Chris...  it's been a blink of an eye. And, it has truly been an honor!!! I cannot wait to watch as the rest of this adventure of life unfolds before you.  GO GET 'EM! Go follow your dreams and make new ones! Go be AMAZING!  (I KNOW YOU WILL BE!) Go be "Always Ready" and "Always Prepared".  And go knowing you will forever be "mine". You will always be in my heart.  My love and my prayers will follow you wherever you may go.

Godspeed, my Godson, GODSPEED!!! xoxoxo

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  1. What a lovely and moving tribute!