Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dawn Boyle

 We are days away from either enjoying ourselves and our families OR suffering through yet another year of WTF?

Here are a few simple suggestions that should you through the days ahead!

1. If you think you didn't buy enough, you did. Go take a look in the closet and see exactly how much the kids haven't even opened from last year! If you still have a certain person that you just can't figure out what to get, bring them to or make them a special dinner or take them to a show. I bet you have no idea what you got or gave for Christmas, but will remember time spent with special people.

2. Stop being jealous of your siblings...some have more money or a bigger house or was you parents favorite, but get over it! Stop dwelling on things that you can not change! The only way to enjoy yourself will be to let it go and remember YOU ARE FAMILY!!

3. Remember why we are celebrating. The reason for the season. It might not be about the birth of Christ for you, but it is about joy and peace. Find a moment to reflect on all the positive things in your life and encourage your kids to do so as well, it will brighten up the darkest day.

4. If you want to kill your mother-in-law throughout the year, this is usually magnified during the holidays. Give her a break. Remember that without her, you wouldn't have your significant other (good or bad). Let things roll off your back. It will be January 2 in no time and will be months before you have to deal with her again!

5. Don't let the holiday cheer get the best of you! Aside from the fact that you are probably already run down, the booze will only intensify those "liquid" feelings! Keep the consumption to a minimum and actually enjoy the day after!

6. Last but not least, surround yourself with your older relatives. You don't realize how much of a blessing they are until it is too late. Listen to stories, bring out old photo albums or videos. Remember those who you lost but appreciate those you still have!


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  1. The Holidays are a pain in the ass.
    This one wants you at a certain time for dinner.
    That one wants you on Christmas Day... not Christmas Eve, the after Christmas, etc. It has to be the actual day.
    This one won't go unless that one is invited.
    The list goes on & on.
    Yes I have the Holi-Hates!!!