Thursday, December 15, 2011



One baby crying, two toddlers fighting , only three lanes open , four Barbies flying , FIIIIIIIIIIVVVE PONY TALE WEARING MOMS!!!!!!

Yes, the Christmas dash is on and the new mommy and me meeting spot these days seems to be Toy R Us.

As we were gathered around the board game aisle , in outfits we vowed not to be wearing when we became moms, you know - sweats , a t-shirt that was okay for your child to wipe his/her mouth on , bear paw slipper/shoes and of course the traditional mom pony tale - frizz free and pulled back tight enough to make your eyes look wide awake and refreshed. I remember distinctly saying to myself when I saw someone dressed so ," I would never dress that way when I become a mom", now knee deep in it I see the rational.

We all paused in the board game aisle took a deep breath , glanced at each other - laughed and shook our heads in some bewildered state of comradeship . Talks of the outrageous price of a board games (Doggie Doo Game - $24.99, do I really need to pay for a toy to crap in my house and clean up after it - hello - mom of three boys here!!) and break your bank account LEGOS, that will probably be completed in twenty minutes($150.00 later) , In the midst of the Christmas kaos it was a nice breather.

We exchanged gift ideas , where something may be less expensive , yet - is it worth the gas money to drive and purchase it elsewhere? What's the hot toy everyone is on a treasure hunt for? Complaining about the lack of registers open when people are looking for jobs even a few laughs.

Even on line there were some thoughtful do gooders, handing coupons back and forth if someone saw something in your wagon they were't purchasing or didn't make the limit to use a certain coupon. I have to say that even at the register ( forty minute wait repeating -"don't touch that - annnnd don't touch that!) the cashiers seemed to be non - robotic and shared a little holiday spirit interaction.

So , if you think your alone, the only crazy person on the planet who's head is spinning in all directions waiting for your eyes to catch up and focus during these last few shopping days and preparation for Christmas GOOD NEWS - YOU'RE NOT!

Buckle up and enjoy the sleigh ride my friends , the holiday season comes once a year ( exhale), next year we're all a year older (don't be scared) , we hope and pray they still "BELIEVE" ( threaten them if they don't - wink wink) , and don't forget the egg nog!!!!!

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Love it! It's nice to know there are other moms going insane this time of year!