About the "Lounge"

Delayed Reaction Lounge is "The place to Hang... While You Survive the Storm”.

A place for everything & anything... from insight, inspiration, rants & raves, to laughs, tears, fun & fantasy...

A place to know you are not alone in the ways you think, act, and dream.
It's happened to all of us - - - somewhere along the line we became "mature adults". Sometimes feeling lost between that "Twenty-Something Optimism" and the days when you question "When exactly did I lose control of my whole life?!" and longing to resurrect a place to dwell happily in between.
Hang here while you take breath, while you take it in, while you wonder what’s next...
The journey to forty seems to create questions. The jaunt to forty-something establishes the opportunity to embrace the answers and brings the wisdom to know when to take a moment and have a "Delayed Reaction".


Having a place to hang seems to be a good thing!  DRL is growing by leaps and bounds.  It's fan base has been increasing daily.

As reported by Blogger Audience Stats...... In less then a month we have had well over 10,000 page views and hits from over 20 different countries!

Thank you to all who continue to hang with us and have shared our links! 
We are in awe of how fast our vision is being embraced!

We hope you'll keep coming back for more! :D
Barbara & Dawn