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WANNA LAUGH?!?! ...The Late Show - Rated M for Mature

Tony Walker

I was sitting around talking to my friend Bobby the other day when I asked him if his wife lets him do it to her doggie style.

"Not exactly," answered Bobby, 
"She's more into the trick dog aspect of it."


Dawn Boyle

I am never having another party....I say this after each one.

Today we are celebrating my daughter's birthday. I started early in the week cleaning out rooms and getting everything ready. I was so ahead of the game I even got cocky. I told my friend, I am not sweating this one at all. It's a slam dunk. I have it in the bag.

I asked the "Birthday Girl" what she wanted to serve her guests. Pizza and stuff was the answer. This was going to be by far the easiest of all parties I have thrown. I only had to make appetizers and get drinks for the kids and booze for the big kids.


As a result of the many inquiries about Marion and her family, and at the request of Dawn & myself, Marion has written an update.  Currently we all hold onto faith that a lawyer will be found who can resolve this injustice in an affordable manner.  We ask that you continue to offer prayers to support Marion and give her strength.  Many thanks to those of you who have offered to make donations.  Dawn and I, with Marion's blessing and help, are researching how to set up a fund or account for Joe to use for legal costs and/or other expenses incurred by him as a result of his loss of benefits.  All of us at DRL thank you for your continue interest and support of correcting this negligence in the system.  

Peace & Prayers,
Barbara & Dawn


Dear DRL Readers,

I wish I had better news to share, but I’m afraid things aren’t going so well with my son. Having his Social Security taken away has pushed him into a full manic episode and no matter what I do, I can’t reason with him. I’ve contacted everyone I could think of, Governor Scott, Florida’s Representatives, lawyers, advocacy organizations, even the psychologist who saw my son for SS. I haven’t received an answer from anyone but Gov. Scott, who merely sent an automatic reply that he received my email.



John invited his mother over for dinner. During the meal, his mother couldn't help noticing how beautiful John's roommate was. She had long been suspicious of a relationship between John and his roommate and this only made her more curious. Over the course of the evening, while watching the two interact, she started to wonder if there was more between John and the roommate than met the eye.


Barbara Ward-Finneran

Rather then list reasons as to why it can't be - focus your energies into finding reasons that it can. 
Believe enough to make it happen. That which may seem like an end can easily become a beginning. 

The only time it's ever over is if you let it be - the greater the challenge the sweeter the reward. 

Push forward... It's worth it, you're worth it!

Keep the promises that you make to yourself!

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Ward-Finneran and Drawn 2 Designs, LLC
All Rights Reserved

KISS ME I'M IRISH - Mar Chuid Dá (Part II)

Jillian B. Hart

She found herself very melancholy and couldn't even explain why if she had been asked.  Rather then give into the blues she fashioned on a casual emerald green dress and zipped up the knee length, spiked, black boots. Slipped into a leather jacket and headed out the door.  People watching always lifted her spirits and gave her inspiration to write.  What better night to gather in the sights.  

She sat at the bar, taking in the blur of faces on the dance floor. The festive holiday sounds emanated through the room mixed with dance tunes.  Shiny plastic four leaf clovers and green beads dangled from necks and bounced across chests in erratic and off beat motions. Choirs of "Slainte" replaced the usual shouts of cheers followed by the clinks of beer mugs.  Green beer overflowed, yet, not her drink of preference so she had ordered Bailey's straight up.  Every one was Irish today.  Yet her Irish eyes were far from smiling.  Although she had never fancied this Irish pub in the city, perhaps this wasn't the right pub to observe the happy crowds, as something about the place reminded her of times gone by. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

OMG, LOL or Cry, No Wait - So NOT Funny, WTF?!

Barbara Ward-Finneran

Kindly pay attention, that's Barbara, capital W, a, r, d, hyphen, capital F,i,n,n,e,r,a,n.  I have spelt my name that way for over 17 years now and have often had to verbalize it in just that way to be sure it is correct in the system.  My attention to detail matters not, if the person you are dealing with in the "system" is not a detail person.  Is it absolutely beyond a reasonable deduction to expect a government agency to get something right?!

I know it's not the usual day for "Random Rants".......... But, I need to VENT!

The last 18 hours, minus the few spent sleeping, have been a nonstop sticky, messed up, gigantic tangle of red tape.  And, that's putting it mildly! Paper pushing, bureaucratic, nonsense, that equaled a system error in epic proportions for me personally.

I am not in shock by the fact that "the system" has issues. Having battled with the Social Security system for years for both my husband and son, I know it's the exception, rather then the rule that things get done right the first time.  I am all too aware that that usually that means I have to spend time and energy to correct situation and "help" someone do THEIR job.  I am used to being an advocate.  I am just not usually the "victim" who needs assistance.


Dawn Boyle

After reading Marions' post about the "extreme" Super Moon it got me thinking. When I was pregnant with Sarah the pregnancy that lasted forever, I would stand outside under the moon and BEG for her to come out needless to say it didn't work. Makes me wonder how many women will go into labor tonight with the Super Moon. How many women will get pregnant after this weekends event. There are many old wives tales that support a woman's balance with the moon. I totally agree with it and have proof, all the women in my house have been very hormonal and it seems to me that there are a bunch of crazies out on the road today...

Be safe...send us your pictures of the moon tonight to we will do a blog with our favorite entries entries.  Captions will be placed on photos used within the blog to credit the photographer.  Please include a line in the email that states, I, ________, took this full moon picture and allow Delayed Reaction Lounge to post it.  Pictures need to be an attachment rather then pasted  into the body of the email.

Perhaps, Jillian can be enticed to share an escapade involving a full moon and use the photos there.


Robert Thomas Rothschild Jr.

One night whiile watching TV, I caught an episode of Ghost Stories on the Travel Channel. It featured a story about the the ghost of Spring Street. The story took place on December 22, 1799. The main players involved 22-year Gulielma ("Elma") Sands and her 24-year old soon-to-be husband, Levi Weeks. On the night of her death, the two lovers were to meet at a Manhattan well. The night ended with Levi Weeks, a carpenter, throwing his fiancee down into the Manhattan well. It was rumored that Elma revealed to Levi that she was pregnant with his child. Upon hearing this news, just days before their Christmas day wedding, Levi got angry and concerned that his reputation was going to be soiled by the fact that his out-of-wedlock child would make his name mud.


My six year old is petrified to ride a two wheel bike. Today's Lunch Time Poll is how old were you when you learned and how can I get her to overcome her fears??

Your advice and comments are appreciated.


Predictions for the “Super Moon”
Marion Pellicano Ambrose 

Tonight and tomorrow night, the moon will be as close to the earth as it has been in almost 20 years. Scientists refer to this as a “Super Moon”, but because this evening the moon will be at the fullest part of its cycle, it’s being referred to as an “Extreme Super Moon”. Some people believe that the moon’s gravitational pull during this phenomenon, also called a “lunar perigee”, causes catastrophic disturbances here on the earth.

An American astrologer named Richard Nolle, claims to have predicted disasters such as the World Trade Center Bombings in 1993. He now predicts dangerous storm surges, catastrophic earthquakes, and severe storms will occur because of the influence of this Super Moon during the period of March 16th through the 22nd.  He pointed out that the Christchurch earthquake of 2010 (7.1 on the Richter scale) and Hurricane Katrina (2005), both took place during a lunar perigee.

Regardless of the possible impending doom, the spectacle in the night sky on March 18th and 19th will be a site to behold. The moon will seem bigger than life and present a perfect photo opportunity for camera buffs and star gazers alike. 

So who will be correct, the astrologer or the scientist?  We just may find out tonight!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dawn Boyle

Today is St. Patrick's Day and EVERYONE else in the world is celebrating but me is seems. In years past I have done green beer lunches with the ladies and partied at friends houses. Everyone would bring over their own version of corn beef and cabbage and we would have a great time drinking and testing each others recipes.

Not this year. I just ordered a pizza. For the first time since 1970 I am not having the traditional St. Patrick's Day and I gotta tell ya, it sucks!

The kids have drama tonight, Sarah was in the hospital yesterday til 1 this morning and I never bought a damn corn beef. I was stuck in all day today with a kid who has to use crutches, but doesn't get the concept of them so I have been carrying her up and down the stairs of my split level home. For the record she is about 2 inches shy of me in height.

Soooo......all of you Irish Party People, enjoy and toss one back for your ole' pal Dawn O'Boyle. The only  good thing is that I will NOT have a hangover tomorrow!

AND...the reason why the title banner looks like crap is because my partner is whooping it up in will bug her and will be adjusted as soon as she gets off the next ride :) Hey Barb!


Tony Walker
A man stumbles up to the only other patron in a bar & asks if he can buy him a drink.
"Why of course!" Is the reply.
The first man asks, "Where you from?"
"I'm from Ireland," replies the second man.
"You don't say," Replies the first man. "I'm from Ireland too! Let's have a drink to Ireland!"
They drink.
The first man asks, "Where in Ireland are you from?"
The second man answers, "Dublin."
"Dublin!" Says the first, "That's where I'm from too! Let's have a drink to Dublin!"
They drink.
The first man asks, "What school did you go to?"
The second man answers, "St. Mary's. I graduated in 62."
"This is unbelievable! I graduated from St. Mary's in 62 too!"
At this time one of the regulars comes in & sits at the bar. He asks the bartender, "What's going on with these two?"
"Same old thing," replies the bartender, "The Murphy twins are drunk again."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

An Irish man is walking down the street with a bag in his hand when he bumps into a friend.
"What's in the bag?" asks the friend.
The Irishman replies, "Fish."
The friend says, "I'll bet you if I guess how many fish you have in that bag, you'll have to give me one."
"I can do better than that," says the Irishman, "If you guess how many fish I have, I'll give you both!"
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Whose is the person of Irish decent that you'd most like to hang out with?
What would be the "thing to do" or the place to go with said person?

KISS ME I'M IRISH - Pháirt Amháin (Part I)

Ms. Jillian B. Hart

Kissing is one of the most sensual and sexy ways too express your passion for your partner.  So many ways to get erotic with your lover but most often the starting point is a kiss.  A lingering embrace of lips that leaves your mate longing for more and daydreaming about you long after the moment is gone.

In the chaos of life it is all too easy to forget the power of the kiss.  All to easy to fall into the "smooch" and or "smack' syndrome. The quick peck that has become habit and essentially is so over used that it means nothing. This cordial interaction certainly doesn't raise a pulse.  Day in and day out, reality gets in the way and these kisses have their place but to keep sparks from fizzling a couple must define time to include romantic passionate kisses in their daily love diet.  These encounters need not be saved for "bedroom time" but should rather be used often as prelude to escapades yet to come.  What is more exciting then anticipation?  You want your lover to desire you,  then it is necessary to lay one on them that leaves them longing for more.  Sexy kissing is all about a moment that makes your partner crazy for you.  Kissing must not just be a road map to sex but rather an appreciated act of pleasure unto itself.


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

Being raised in a traditional Irish American home meant lots of potatoes, bread with
every meal, and of course Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner on Saint Patrick’s Day!
It’s a great meal to make because it all goes in one pot! When I was young, my mom
cooked the meal in a pressure cooker. Today we have it much easier. Throw everything
in a crockpot and the meal cooks itself! And for dessert – Irish Cream Chocolate
Cheesecake! Follow the simple recipes below and have a wonderful Saint Patty’s Day
from the Delayed Reaction Lounge!


Barbara Ward-Finneran

The Irish are shaking everything they've got today and many are looking forward to kicking back some dark ale or green beer.  On this day when everyone is Irish, we celebrate one of the world's most popular saints, St. Patrick, who is the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Even the secular world embraces him like they do St. Valentine and St. Nicholas. Catholic, Christian or not - everyone loves these saints!

Saint Patrick was actually born in Scotland in the year 387. His parents were Romans living in Britian.  They were in charge of the colonies.  Around the age of 14, he was captured during raiding party and brought to Ireland, the, a land of Druids and pagans, as a slave. Patrick was forced to heard and tend sheep. During his imprisonment he learned the language and customs of the people and grew closer to God in prayer.



The Irish flag is green, white and orange.  Green symbolizes the people of the south, and orange the north.  The white represents the peace that brought them together as a nation.  

The first St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in 1737 in Boston, Massachusetts.  

St. Patrick was born around 385AD

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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Barbara Ward-Finneran

Disappointments and setbacks remain temporary, only giving up allows them to be final.  Cultivate your energies, to amplify your confidence. Then foster  perseverance as you forge a trail through fear and doubt to conquer all things that stand between you and your ambitions.

Keep the promises that you make to yourself!

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Ward-Finneran and Drawn 2 Designs, LLC
All Rights Reserved


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WANNA LAUGH?!?! ...The Late Show - Rated M for Mature

Tony Walker

An old lady & an old man are sitting next to each other in the rec room of a nursing home.

The old man leans over to the old lady & says, "I bet you can't tell how old I am."


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

While Saint Augustine, Florida is my favorite spot to visit and experience haunting adventures, there are many other places I’ve been that have their own spooky tales to tell.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and have heard many stories of ghosts and hauntings close to home. One such tale is that of the young girl in Marine Park. It is said that the girl was walking through the park one evening, enjoying the crisp fall wind blowing through the leaves of the tall trees that surround the park. Behind one of these trees lurked a strange man who grabbed her from behind. He brutally raped and murdered the girl. Her screams echoed throughout the surrounding neighborhood, yet no one came out to rescue her. Instead, they hid behind closed doors and drawn curtains. The murderer was eventually caught and put to death, but the girl’s spirit could not rest. She continues to roam the park waiting for someone to come to save her. On nights when the air is crisp and clear, people sometimes hear screaming and crying coming from within the park. Many years have passed and most of those living there at the time of her murder are dead themselves, but still she wanders and screams in the night. Screaming for someone to help her!


Tony Walker

Yesterday I was driving home from my good friend Bobby "Be A Rockstar" Donohue's house. Bobby lives at least 45 minutes away. I was there from 11AM to 230PM. We didn't eat so I was starving, & of course I had to pee-real bad. As I flew through the Long Island Expressway, Sagtikos  Parkway, Southern State Parkway, & The Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway, I was exited to be just a minute from home since I really had to pee & was getting the shakes because I needed to eat. But wait! The car in front of me on Seamans Neck Road is moving at 15 mph.... 15 mph!! Movie it!!! What are you doing??!! Seamans Neck Rd. is a one lane road so I had nowhere to go.... and I DEFINITELY had to go if you know what I mean! Finally the car in front of me is making a turn. As I pass that car I see it's a lady who is at least in her 80's.... at least that's what she looked like.



With Japan's imminent Nuclear issue do you fear radioactive contamination or a Nuclear wind happening here in the United States?

Could the Nuclear Power Plants that are located on or near fault lines in the United States handle a quake?

Are you interested in obtaining Iodine pills?

Do you think the meltdown in Japan will be as big as Chernobyl?

Kindly share your thoughts in comments...


Dawn Boyle

A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. The next week the man realized that he would need his wife to wake him at 5.00 am for an early morning business flight to Chicago. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence, he finally wrote on a piece of paper, "Please wake me at 5.00 am." 

The next morning the man woke up, only to discover it was 9.00am, and that he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn't woken him when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed ... it said... "It is 5.00am; wake up."


March 16, 2011 11:02AM EDT

Radiation levels over 300 times the normal levels at Plant

One town is reporting over 10,000 people missing.

It is snowing right now making search efforts difficult.

March 16, 2011 8:15AM EDT

Japan has allowed workers back into Nuclear Plant.

There are over 36,000 people confirmed dead.

The Government of Japan acknowledges food rationing.


The American Red Cross sent a disaster expert from Washington to Japan on Monday and the Japanese Red Cross has dispatched dozens of response teams. If you'd like to donate to the Red Cross efforts, text "redcross" to 90999, and you can make a $10 donation to the organization.
You can also keep up with Red Cross updates by following its Twitter feed and Facebook updates.

March Madness

Dawn Boyle

March Madness is what has been going on since the first week of March and ends the begining of April. It is Men's and Women's College Basketball Tournaments. There are 68 teams and the winner of these tournaments determines who is the National Champion of College Basketball....I think.

In my world MARCH MADNESS is a little different. It's when my children no longer want to do homework, study or go to school. It's when every other week someone is home sick from school and allergy season kicks in. There is more whining during this time of year over what kind of clothing should be worn. For some reason there is one day that feels like summer, which its really not, but after a hellish winter 49 degrees is a heatwave. Spring sports commence as does the daily argument over going or not going to practice.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


March 15, 2011 11:15PM EDT
Japan has called off all work for nuclear plant due to radiation surge.

"BUSINESS" TRIP - Part V - Hart's Desire

Breathless in the moonlight... Continued...

Under the ceiling of a black sky, billowy gray clouds danced with the illuminated orb and stars peeked through speckling the blackness with tiny golden glows. Time seemed to stand still. Their breath, slightly labored, fell into unison together while the breezes of the night whispered a wordless harmony of yearning around them.  
He looked beautiful in the moonlight. Short, dark, raven like, locks swaying in the light gentle wind as the intensity of his gaze riveted on her thick lashed eyes. He was helplessly mesmerized by her close proximity as he watched her trembled slightly with overwhelming anticipation. Her pulse aroused like thunderclaps reverberating through her veins as he leaned in and she felt the magic between them intensify. He tenderly ran his finger across her bottom lip and twisted his wrist to cup the soft, smooth flesh of her cheek.  Heat engulfed


Tony Walker

This weekend I went camping with my son. We pitched our tent, went hiking, fishing, etc.

During the night, I woke my son & said, "Son, look up at the stars & tell me what you see."

My son says, "Well I see millions of stars, and even if a few of those have planets, it's quite likely there are some planets like earth, and if there are a few planets like earth out there, there might also be life."

I reply, "No you idiot. Somebody stole our tent."



Dawn Boyle

I have been watching the news coverage from the devastation in Japan. I am seeing things so familiar to what happened when people were looking for people during the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the United States. I brings back such horrific memories.