Monday, March 7, 2011

"Business" Trip - Part II

Ms. Jillian B. Hart

Shay's Pub, Beacon Hill... Continued...

The phone vibrates sightly in her hand, the movement that signals message sent.

Shifting again, attentive to the pulsing heated area between her thighs, once more very aware of the eclectic crowd in the pub.  The local scene felt warm an inviting. The mix of people and music was like a slice out the past, any bar, any town, any where you felt at home.  Like places we used to feel at home.  A place where it was easy to blend and just be part of the moment. She caught the bartenders glance and ran her finger around the rim of the glass.  

“More of the same, Miss?” 

“Yes, Thanks”, she handed him a plastic card.  

“Kindly clear my tab, I'm meeting someone outside.”  

Dusk was falling as she moved to the outdoor patio on JFK Street.  Her high heels clicked on the concrete as she winded her way to a table. The street buzzed with movement and city sounds that were warm to her heart.  A different city - yet that city girl hidden for so long was emerging with every breath. The early evening light on the bridge caught her artists eyes.  She fought the urge to pull a journal from her purse and sketch it.  Sketching would of calmed her nerves.  Perhaps they shouldn't be calmed.  Closing her eyes and filling her lungs with the cool outdoor air she lifted the glass to her lips and felt the liquid create warmth in her mouth that travel through her chest. Her mind attempting to “talk” herself down; sip, breathe, relax. Easier said then done.  The untamed energy and excitement was overwhelming.

Skillfully fingering the keyboard, 58 JFK Street, Shay's Pub & Wine Bar. Vvrrrr, message sent.  

Not knowing where he was in Beacon Hill, there was no idea of an ETA on his jaunt to the "yard".  The waiting almost torturous.  Reminded her of a shared arm caress across a hotel bed.  Beautifully intimate, yet almost painful, lingering until hesitant and eager eyes met. Then it was, time for goodbye.  Would this shared encounter go to another level or end as before.  End before it "really" started  - like last spring, like the distant past.   She didn't need to know or care about the ending right now.  Anticipation and exhilaration about having time just to be...  just be in the moment and just be us, made her heart race.  Rest of the world be damned.

The cab pulled past the pub. He climbed from the seat with a jacket casually slung over his shoulder and his pale colored polo reflecting the glow from the street lights just enough for her to see the familiar sexy, sparkle in his eyes.  Just the sight of him made her suppressed feelings surge.  When their eyes met he saw how the smile splashed across her face making her dark eyes brighter.  Blood rushed between his legs.  He could feel swelling in his indigo jeans as he walked closer.  They held an intense gaze filled with sexual arousal.  Overpowering chemistry hung in the air.  There were always undeniable sparks - in this moment flashing like lightening in a passionate storm.  

Her breath caught in her throat as she diffidently rose to greet him.  His strong arms captured her pulling their bodies close into a lingering hug.  Her voice barely a whisper welcomed him.  Even in heels her arms straddled just above his waist.  Bodies pressed together their heartbeats quickened as she felt his hardness against her figure. Her body responded to his touch, hungry for more. His warm breath flooding her face as his lips brushed gently on her forehead.  Lifting a hand to stroke his hair as they released the embrace and eased into seats.  Sexual undertones settled for the time, while exchanging a mix of nervous chatter and playful banter which bloomed into hypnotic conversation reminiscent of endless talks from their foregoing history.




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