Thursday, March 10, 2011



In Wisconsin Senator Scott Walker (I hope I am not related to this man) has eliminated collective bargaining for the state worker's union. Eliminating collective bargaining will basically break the union. No doubt we will see several states attempt the same thing with Walker being successful. The union had already agreed to several concessions. Losing collective bargaining would be a major blow to the middle class across the nation.

What do you think of Senator Walker's ideas?
How do you feel about unions?
If you think Senator Walker is wrong what do you think Wisconsin should do to cut back?


  1. This whole situation is a disgrace. Wisconsin has an "open meeting"law which was ignored, politicians who were elected to represent THE PEOPLE are ignoring their rights and wishes,except for ONE who voted as he believed his constituants wanted.Why are Democrats (running away) and Republicans (chanaging the rules to suit themselves) playing these games?

  2. My husband is in a union...over the past two years he has had raises taken away, retirement funds evaporated, and working hours increased. BUT...he still has a job.

  3. Still having a job is not the answer. Sure he has still has a job but what price is he paying? Why are we accepting that we have the same (or in most cases more) responsibilities but are constantly expected to have more & more taken away from us?
    Why has society accepted this trend of concessions? We are losing EVERYTHING while the fat cats get fatter.
    The money CEO's of today are making are ridiculous while the rest of us are dying. If anyone says, "The CEO's worked their way to the top. They deserve their money," I will shove my prosthetic up that person's ass! It's a disgrace what we are losing.
    There are very few unions left. People need to stand up, organize, & fight. If they don't we will lose so much more.... if that's even possible.

  4. very true Tony...a few months ago he had expenses taken away. I reminded him that he had taken expenses instead of a pay raise....didn't matter - expenses gone! Turns out to be about $600 a month. It's not fair, but so many guys under him have been let go.