Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Tony Walker

Wicked Wednesday. How fitting. My question to you is why do people have to be so wicked? Unfortunately in this case the word wicked is not meant to be hot or sexy, the way I prefer to use the word.

In this case I mean wicked as in wicked witch. Mean. Ugly. Negative.

Why do people feel the need to go out of their way to be mean? I don't know about you but from my viewpoint most people take the time to be wicked & mean than they do to be nice. Meanwhile it takes so much more energy to be wicked & mean.  So you called an ex friend, lover, or whoever all sorts of names, attacked something they did, & made fun of them. Did it make you feel any better? Did the ex friend, lover, or whoever stop & say, "Yes you're right. I am all of those things. I am going to change right this second. Thanks for the enlightenment?" What really came out of it?

Just look at Facebook. How many of your friends have negative statuses?
I say take the time to be wicked in the good sense. Wicked. Sexy. Hot. Fun.
Send a dirty text to your friend, lover, or whoever. Hell.... send it to your mother! I'm kidding.

Do something wicked & fun. Wicked & fun is contagious. Everyone around you will feel it. Next thing you know it's one big happy family!

Wicked & mean is contagious too. When someone is wicked & mean to someone close to me I feel the need to jump in & attack. This comes from many years as a loyal Union guy I guess. I attack because I hate the negativity. Like when one of the blogs on the Lounge are attacked. Is the blog that awful that you have to take the time to attack it? Can't you just click on something else & move on? I guess when I jump on someone who attacks the blog it just keeps the negativity going so I guess the one who started the mean wickedness in the first place wins. What a shame. Life is too short.

Please comment below & tell me why people feel the need to be so wicked. I don't get it.


  1. Strange . That was an attack on you and said the girls were doing a good job . I try to ignore and move on ...
    I can't see anyone attacking you , your a funny and caring guy . Keep up the good work !!

  2. Tony, it's because the mean, ugly people can't look at themselves and make the changes to make their lives better, they are insecure, insignificant and childish. I was told YEARS ago by a wise women to turn the question on the attacker "What's going on in your life that is so horrible, that you feel the need to attack me?" Every time I've used that the attacker stopped dead in their tracks. It's easier to be nasty, it takes work to be happy.

  3. I think a lot of it comes from jealousy. Sadly, there are many out there that have to tear down others to make themselves feel better. You almost feel bad for someone driven to do that. It's a natural response to become defensive, but the best thing is not to let that negativity affect you.

    Keep writing everyone at DLR! Your voices should be heard and there are lots of us listening!

  4. Tony, You didn't attack, you defended. The attack was out of jealousy ,the defense was out of loyalty and friendship.That makes the attacker a villian and you,the defender,a hero!

  5. I feel sorry for Anonymous. He/she must be lonely and miserable to feel the need to lash out. I love DRL.(And I play Farmville, and enjoy Soul Food!)

  6. seems to me we have a bully on our hands...and that usually means that person was either neglected or abused as a child...kinda feel bad for him.

  7. Dawn, I actually kind of envy someone who has the time to dedicate to following and commenting on blogs that they don't like at all. I wish I had THAT much spare time.

  8. I love this blog, I think it's great you all are finding such a creative outlet for your voice. DRL is Wicked good!

  9. I agree with GaryO..Wicked GOod!!

  10. See? This is what I'm talking about!
    I can feel the love!!!
    Deanna maybe it is easier to be nasty & happy takes work but it doesn't feel like work after reading all the positive comments. The happiness just flows out! I love it!!
    Thank you everyone!!!

  11. @ Tony - the positive comments are from happy positive well adjusted people, the general population I believe (and maybe I am naive) is filled with good people, it's the rare spoiled apple that always rots the bag, I love happy! And that its contagious! I hope you know that there is no room for nasty, ugly people in my life...I was just making an observation, I like working hard for my happiness, and to be a good honest productive person...

  12. I love the LOVE! It's so much better! :)
    Thank you everyone for your support & encouragement!

    Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction.
    It is so much better to choose HAPPY!

  13. I FEEL THE LOVE!!!!!