Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Barbara Ward-Finneran

Everything changes when seen with love. 
Life itself is more beautiful. 

One of the keys to meaningful purpose is to be connected to your life. Being active with your own mind, body and soul - - loving yourself enough to figure out and fill up the voids. 

We can see through the eyes of love only when there's love in our eyes. It needs to begin with our reflection in the mirror.

Keep the promises that you make to yourself!

Photo Courtesy of Barbara Ward-Finneran and Drawn 2 Designs, LLC
All Rights Reserved


  1. Did you ever notice when you love someone they get better and better looking as time goes by?

  2. If someone you love looks better & better that means to Boyle & Barbara I look like Brad Pitt!!!

  3. You are the Brad Pitt in the Lounge!