Friday, March 11, 2011

BUSINESS TRIP - Part IV - Hart's Desire

Her sling backs tick away like an erratic clock on the concrete sidewalk as she takes short, quick strides to keep his pace. The neighborhood is filled with the warmth of history as if every building could tell a story.  Brownstones with amber hues in their windows, tall trees and street lights line the dark asphalt path. The sights reminiscent of her memories of walking through Brooklyn decades ago.  Somewhere between steps she noted that their fingers had stayed intertwined making her even more aware of how she ached for something far more intimate with him. The conversation was lighthearted and frisky.  Subjects scattered and jumped from one thing to another with no rhyme or reason.
“It’s a beautiful night.” 
“Agreed.” was his reply.
His short answer not bridging the conversation to a next topic. 

She slanted her head to make eye contact and with a small giggle and slight sarcasm said, “Yeah, ya think!” 
“Yeah, I do.” 
Both of them now laughing. She playfully reached across and knocked him on the shoulder with her free hand. 
“Thanks, for agreeing with the obvious.”
“Hey, you stated it first.” Escaped his lips with a sly, sexy grin.
The silly conversation had halted their walking. Now still and facing him she shook her head smiling.  Trying to steady her breathing as sexual sparks danced and leaped across the space between them.  Every fiber of her being craved him. Her mind flashing with images that tormented her thoughts of pleasures that could be yet to come.  When their eyes met anticipation galloped through her body as heat pulsed at the apex above her thighs. 
All too aware of his quickening pulse and the surge of energy below his waist, he exercised great control when he locked eyes with her. Thinking he could drown in the warm mahogany pools that sparkled back at him.  Flecks of bronze and copper reflected in the light that didn’t seem familiar to him.  Was it possible he had never noticed them before? It was far more likely that times shared in the past never afforded him the luxury to really look and feel.  When you think you have all the time in the world - the details get lost along the way - like watching the world blur by through a car window as you speed to your destination.  Only to arrive and wonder how you got there.  
Come-hither eyes stared back at him as he swallowed hard and shifted his weight to redistribute the pressure building in his pants. He leaned closer to her. Tendrils of long dark cinnamon curls framed her face and tumbled down past the bare flesh beside her collar bones. The nearness of him made her knees feel weak. As much as she hungered for him, somehow, the glare of reality shot through her mind and she practically stopped him. Stopped him for all the obvious reasons. Conversations from the past swept in. His words playing back in her mind. 
“If ever we are given the time, could you just be in the moment with me?” 
How many times had she known the answer to be yes - yet the reality overwhelmed. It wasn’t the moment that made her heart pound in her chest with fear. It was the fright of what would be left of them afterwards. Ultimately, could any part of them survive? Could she endure a life where he was no longer a part of it, - again? Feelings suppressed for a lifetime banished to dwell silently-- painfully-- in her heart, again. As the passion of having something to gain and the terror of losing something battled for victory, his past words once again fluttered through her head. 
“My word is yours.” 
With that memory foremost in her mind she leaned towards him knowing nothing was stopping her, or them, from this moment. The self assured “bad boy” gleam in his eyes, lit up his face. Filled with smoldering charisma that could charm the skin off a snake, or better yet, the panties off of her.




  1. This should be published.....when is part V???????

  2. Time to consider a writing agent or publisher...
    (Got any connections?!) :D
    That's BIG praise!
    Thank you!

  3. Do we have names for these two love birds, and ummm...are they married to other people?

  4. This sounds just like my night out with Boyle the other night.....

  5. YOU WISH, Tony! HA!!!
    1,100,000..... you heard the lady!

  6. Names have been "left out" not to protect the "innocent" but rather to proliferate the imagination! ;)

  7. Oh my gosh Jillian - I hold my breath when reading these, each time I'm convinced when I get to the bottom the deed will have been done. Still waiting to exhale...

  8. Go ahead - exhale!
    Part V hits the lounge later this evening...
    Stay tuned! ;)