Friday, March 11, 2011



There we were in the middle of Epcot Center. Taking a break and sitting watching the kids play with hula hoops. We honed in on a man. He was watching his daughter play with a hula hoop as well. But this dad was drunk. His daughters name was also Lily. So conversation started. He looked at me and my sister and said, he just got home from Afghanistan and he was seeing his son for the first time. He was at Disney with his wife and 2 kids. He said, "It thrills me that people can be this happy, but for him it is hard to understand. I bury a friend every time I go back".

Everyone here in the States is very lucky! He taught us a lesson. As I believe he touched something in my sister, who was traveling with me, as well. It is like a quote you read.  Goes in one ear and out the other ... Someone always has it worse than you. Is life really that bad?

Rewinding two weeks ... I was in a docter's appointment talking about testing for my thyroid cancer I had from two years earlier. Hearing you have cancer, of any kind... Is a feeling one can't even express in words. It was the start of what led me on my journey and also what robbed me of my carefree spirit!! I once believed in fairy tales and happy endings!! But I now have attached to me something that can take even a bad day away. This feeling is one that will never go away. It is something I learn every day -  how to get back to a better place. How to find joy in the simple things. In that doctor's appointment, I looked at Lily and said, "Lily we are going to Disney!"

 At that point it didn't matter I did not have a job. I was giving my kids the best vacation they could ever imagine, the finances - I would figure out later. And that is what I did !!!

I have a way of making things happen in my life. I am so determined and when I want something. It just happens for me!! Call it being stubborn or luck!! I make life happen and move forward.

I loved Disney because it is a place that makes magic happen!!! It shows you that life is anything you can imagine!! There we were at the magical electric light parade and my sister and I were like kids... really thinking cinderella was waving to us. We laughed like there was no tomorrow!!! In the magical world of Disney I had no worries!!!

I realize these past two years went by in a blink of an eye. Life is short. What ever worries I previously had are meaningless. I am still here and still fine! I have great family and great friends. I love what I do and have the perfect job for me!! I vow my next two years will be carefree. Worrying gets you nowhere !! I hope to be back in Disney soon , It is an experience everyone should have!! =)



  1. Jenn, You sound like a courageous woman! Keep taking a regular dose of Disney! It's good for what ails you!

  2. i too will never forget that soldier who was so moved at the happiness in far we (americans) have been blessed not to have such turmoil in our own backyards...i count my blessings everyday, including time spent with you at disney and the memories we created for our children.... priceless!!!

  3. Always believe that the best is yet to come!
    Another great read - Thanks, Jenn!