Friday, March 11, 2011

WANNA LAUGH?!?! ...The Late Show - Rated M for Mature


I went to a bar with my buddies Sal & Joe the other day. 

When we walked in we were stopped by the bouncer.

"You guys can only enter this bar if your penises add up to one foot," the Bouncer says.

So Sal gets his measured. It's 6 inches.

Joe gets measured. He has 4 inches.

Then me. I had one inch. We're in! So we enter the bar.

"Thank goodness for my 6 inches," says Sal.

"Thank goodness for my 4 inches," says Joe.

I say, "Thank goodness I had a hard on!"


  1. I think I screwed this joke up.
    Sal had 6 inches,
    Joe had 4,
    I had one.
    That equals 11 inches.
    We needed a foot to get in!!

  2. Send me the fix, Baby! I'll correct the post!