Thursday, March 10, 2011

WANNA LAUGH?!?! ...The Late Show - Rated M for Mature


It's Thursday! Ladies night!

Superman wants to go out, find some women, & have some fun.

He calls Batman. "Hey Bruce! It's Clark. 
What are you up to? Let's go have some fun," He says.

"No good," says Batman, 
"Robin & I are working on a big case. 
Too busy tonight. Sorry."

Disgusted, Superman tries another friend.
"Aquaman! It's Clark. Wanna have some fun tonight?"

"No good," replies Aquaman, 
"Working with the whales tonight. We're trying-"
Superman hangs up the phone.

Disgusted but not defeated, Superman decides to go out by himself & find some action.
As he flies above the beach looking for some babes, he spots Wonder Woman. She is on the beach, naked, laying on her back with her legs spread.

Superman flies down at lightning speed & does the deed with Wonder Woman. 
When he is done he flies away.

Wonder Woman looks puzzled. "Hey Invisible Man," she says, 
"Did you feel something?"
"Yes!" he replies, "And my ass is killing me!!!"


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