Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HE SAID......

Tony Walker

There is something that I've been doing all my life. Some people tell I should stop doing it some people tell me it's cool that I do it. Sometimes it gets me in trouble sometimes great things come from it. Have you guessed what it is yet?

I talk to women like they are "one of the guys." You know what I mean.... I swear, I talk about sex, some of them I even burp in front of, like I would in the boys locker room.

When a group of guys are sitting around talking like that they will shut up when a woman walks in. I'm usually the one who'll let the woman in on the conversation we're having. Sometimes I get dirty looks from the guys, some find it funny. Some women think I am the biggest pig.... ok most women think I am the biggest pig.... but I know plenty of women who love that I don't hold back. Some even think it's sexist to get "polite" when they walk in. 

The major problem I've had with this is that some women I really wanted to date wouldn't date me because they felt too close to me as a friend since I "opened" up so much. Some I've dated loved the openness & honesty so it worked in my favor then.

Don't get me wrong... I don't do this for shock value. If a woman or a man does not like what I am talking about I try to curb it. But if I know you can get into a conversation like this one I'm going there!
What do you think? Should a man talk differently to a woman or should they talk to them like they're "one of the guys?"

And how about vise versa? Should a woman talk to guys that way?

Dawn Boyle

I have no problem hanging with the boys. I have a certain brother/sister bond with a few close guy friends. I act the same why with them as I would my best friends. We talk trash and throw back beers.

But there is a fine line...

Like you said, many women got too comfortable and that "brotherly" love turns whatever romance that could have been there, is gone cause once you get tagged with the "brother" label,  there is no going back.

I think women like that area of comfort once a serious relationship has been formed. During the courting process please don't scratch your nuts or smell the pits of your obviously dirty shirt. It's a total turn off. Save that til after the date has been booked.


Barbara Ward-Finneran

I think the line is defined by the mood and the crowd.  You have to sense where to draw it and know when not to cross it.  It's fun to hang with the guys - even feel like part of the club - play poker in stilettos - but there is something to be said for having their attention in all the right ways -- because you are the "lady" in the room!!! 


  1. I think you should "cool it" until you feel the girl out. Some girls are comfortable with being "one of the guys" and some are not. In any case,if you're looking for a date, it's advisable to put your best foot forward!

  2. L.B. knows what she is talking about!!!

  3. You know my take... gotta be a team player. And, sometimes you gotta take one for the team! However, it's important to remember what team you are playing for, when the game is and how to score. ;)