Saturday, October 29, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

Halloween is coming and if you’re like me, you dread the line up of bloody, violent, horror films that will be on TV.  Halloween is my favorite holiday, but scaring myself half to death isn’t my idea of fun. Here are some movies that set the scene and put you in the mood for Halloween fun without having to lose sleep from nightmares! There are many more, but these are my favorites.
The 10 Greatest Not Scary Movies for Halloween
10. Disney’s Haunted Mansion: Eddie Murphy and his family are trapped in the famous Haunted Mansion of the Magic Kingdom Attraction fame.
9.Coroline: An adventurous girl finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of her frustrating home, but it has sinister secrets.
8. Nighmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton animated film with Jack Skelton as the main character.
7.Ghostbusters: Classic Bill Murray and friends saving NewYork from ghost invasion.
6.Arsenic and Old Lace: An oldie but a
goodie. Cary Grant stars as the nephew of 2 sweet little old ladies, who happen to have 17 bodies in the cellar! This is Cary Grant at his absolute best!

5.The Corpse Bride: Tim Burton's tale with the voice of Johnny Depp as Victor Von Dort, a shy young man betrothed to the lovely Victoria. When Victor goes into the woods to practice his vows, he finds himself married to a blue-skinned, maggot-ridden beauty.
4. Casper :When an afterlife therapist (Bill Pullman) is hired to rid a haunted house of ghosts, he and his daughter (Christina Ricci) have a close encounter with Casper, "the friendliest ghost you know." Unfortunately, Casper's got three not-so-friendly uncles, Stinkie, Fatso, and Stretch, who are unbendable in their desire to force the "fleshies" out.  
3.Beetlejuice:Michael Keaton as a crazy undead creature trying to marry the pretty young daughter.
2.The Adams Family: Or any of the sequels. Nothing says Halloween like this amazing collection of family members! My favorite character is Christina Ricci as Wednesday Adams! You’ll love every one of these movies.
1.Young Frankenstein –A Mel Brooks film (need I say more?) Some sexual innuendo, hysterically funny and perfect for Halloween night! My family never misses the opportunity to watch this movie!


Amit Paul 27
Ben Foster 30
Gabrielle Union 38
Winona Ryder 39
Dan Castellaneta 53
Kate Jackson 62
Richard Dreyfuss 63
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf 72

Friday, October 28, 2011


A guy meets a girl out at a nightclub and she invites him back to her place for the night, her parents are out of town and this is the perfect opportunity. They get back to her house and they go into her bedroom, and when the guy walks in the door he notices all these fluffy toys. There's hundreds of them, fluffy toys on top of the wardrobe, fluffy toys on the bookshelf and window sill, there's more on the floor, and of course fluffy toys all over the bed. Later, after they've had sex, he turns to her and asks,

''So, how was I?''

She says, ''Well, you can take anything from the bottom shelf.''



The Pumpkin Martini has long



  • 1/2 oz Sylk Cream Liqueur
  • 2 oz vanilla vodka
  • 1/2 oz pumpkin liqueur or pumpkin spice syrup
  • 1 tsp whipped cream
  • cinnamon stick for garnish


Pour the Sylk Liqueur and vodka into a shaker filled with ice. 
Shake well.
Add the pumpkin liqueur or syrup.
Shake again.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Top with a teaspoon of whipped cream.
Garnish with a cinnamon stick.


DRL is proud to welcome Tracy to the lounge.  Although she is not the typical demographic of our writers, the motivation and insight makes her a post a great read for everyone - one which reminds us - sometimes starting over is just the thing we need, know it or not.  What forty-somethings or fifty-somethings don't need to remember that in the world today?! Remember to embrace it and move forward. 

Tracy Brown
Designing. Creating. Transforming my feelings and emotions into masterpieces is a feeling I cannot explain. What makes me stand out? My passion, my drive, and the high standards I set for myself.  What make me unique? It’s the limitless ideas that constantly flow through my head.  “Design is searching for a balance between business and art; art and craft; concept and detail; playfulness and formality; client and designer; designer and printer; and printer and public”. This is what I am. I am a designer.

I had no idea I was able to design. It’s a talent that I was (sad to say) force to find. You see I was a big dancer. I loved dance more then life itself. I studied dance, I breathed dance, I wanted to go to Julliard and become a professional dancer. I even tapped my way down the isles of shop and stop. Now I know what you’re thinking. “This girl must have had no life”! Well you’re right; I didn’t have a life outside of dance, until my body backstabbed.


It's almost here! Halloween celebrations will be in full swing this weekend. People dressing up in costumes, serving everything spooky and scary! Someone asked me the other day what is the scariest music? It took me a minute to remember the name, but then it hit me. The memories came flooding back of how when I was young (I am thinking maybe 10 or 11) the boys down the block from me played a song so haunting and bizarre that I had nightmares for as long as I can remember. Since I was asked, I have had nightmares again of the images the song provokes....the music/song that scares me the most is a song called Hamburger Lady by the Throbbing Gristle. If you have never heard this it, it is so disturbing!!!

Tell me what is your scariest song/music??? If you listen to the Hamburger Lady song, tell me what you think?


How does Sears treat  its employees who are called up for military  duty? By law, they are required to hold their  jobs open and available, but nothing more.  In many companies, people take a big pay cut and lose  benefits as a result of being called up for  active duty. NOT SEARS!
Sears is voluntarily  paying the difference in salaries and  maintaining all benefits, including medical  insurance and bonus programs, for all called up  reservist employees for up to two years.

I submit that Sears is  an exemplary corporate citizen and should be  recognized for its contribution. I suggest we  all shop at Sears at least once, and be sure to  find a manager to tell them why we are there so  the company gets the positive reinforcement  & feedback it well deserves. 
The following email was sent to Sears Customer Care:

 "I  received this e-mail and I would like to know if  it is true. If it is, the internet may have just  become one very good source of advertisement for  your company. I know I would go out of my way to  buy products from Sears instead of another store  for a like item, even if it's cheaper at that  store. "

This was Sears' answer
" Dear Customer:

Thank  you for contacting Sears.The information is  factual. We appreciate your positive feedback.

Sears  regards service to our country as one of  greatest sacrifices our young men and women can  make. We are happy to do our part to lessen the  burden they bear at this time.

Bill  Thorn
Sears  Customer Care  
1-800-349-4358 "

 Sears needs to be recognized  for this outstanding contribution and we need to  show them as Americans, we do appreciate what  they are doing for our military!!! It's amazing when you  think of how long the war has lasted and Sears  hasn't withdrawn from their commitment. Could we  each buy at least one thing at Sears this year? 

verified ! By<>;  at:

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last week I attended a lecture about handling a child with ADHD.
My son is ADHD so I thought it would be interesting.
It was a good lecture but one thing stuck out in my head & I wanted to see what you Delayed Loungers thought of it.
The expert giving the lecture was talking about consequences & rewards for the ADHD child. He said that one of the consequences of forgetting to bring some homework home, forgetting to write down an assignment, etc would result in losing TV or something like that.
When asked to expand on this the man talked about how one child refused to bring certain homework home so he lost something. He then talked about how another child spit grapes all over the floor because he didn't want to do his homework.
I raised my hand. I said that those examples are children acting out, not an ADHD child who is seriously trying his hardest but still forgets certain things. This man's response was he once had to fill out Medicare forms but lost out on some payments because he was filling certain forms out wrong. Losing money forced him to not make those mistakes on the form again.
Tell us what you think. Do you agree that a child should be punished when he is doing something (or not doing something) that is out of his control?

THE SURPRISE VICTIM - Marion Pellicano Ambrose

I have the pleasure of spending a few hours each week with a very smart, young man,
doing some enrichment work with him. We do lot of Math, Science, Writing, and
Reading ,but today we took a little side track.

I had my computer open to “favorites” looking for an environmental game site that we
were going to explore when he spotted a site on Bullying. He immediately wanted to
see it and talk about what you can do if you’re being bullied. I was really shocked. This is a good looking, personable, well rounded 10 year old who would be the last one I would think would be bullied, and yet, the story came tumbling out.
He’s been the victim of bullying since 2nd grade. Other kids have tried to get him to do things he knows are wrong, have called him names, and have spread rumors about him
behind his back. His parents have worked with him and with the school to stop the
Bullying, sometimes to no avail. They've gone above and beyond to protect their son while still teaching him to stand up and be assertive when necessary.
From all he told me, he’s handled it well, ,doing all the right things, but the fact remains that he’s had to deal with the problem repeatedly. He described one incident where
another student grabbed his wrist and twisted it,telling him to say “You’re the greatest
and better than me.” My young friend stood straight, looked the bully in the face and
said “NO” in a loud ,clear, assertive voice. Luckily the bully tired of the event when he
saw that he wasn’t going to win .That was direct bullying, and it stopped for the time
being ,but the indirect bullying continued. ( telling others not to play with my friend,
spreading rumors about him, etc.)
We talked at length today about techniques to use, ways to avoid being bullied and when it’s time to tell. One of the hardest concepts for kids is to learn the difference between telling and tattling. No kid wants to be a “snitch” but they have to learn not to allow themselves to become victims either. We identified bullying “hot spots” and I found that his bus is a major bullying location. Sitting in direct sight of the driver and surrounding yourself with friends can often nip that in the bud.
There are many things we, as parents and teachers, can do to help our children
avoid being the victim of bullies. One important factor is to teach all our children to

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Retold by S.E. Schlosser
from Spooky North Carolina

You know how they say some folks are lucky at cards and some are lucky at love? Well, that fit Bobby Hansen to a ‘T’. He was the best poker player in the county, but somehow he couldn’t find himself a bride. Oh, he proposed to several girls, and even got accepted by a few. But they always got cold feet a day or two before the wedding, and it was bye-bye Bobby.
After the third time, Bobby was mighty discouraged, and his Pa felt real sore for him. They worked together in the family grocery store, and Bobby would sometimes sit on top of the pickle barrel and tell his Pa all his woes. And his Pa told him to hang in there, because a nice lady was on her way. Neither of them believed it, but it made both of them feel better to hear it said. Well, the day after their latest talk, the old woman who poled her barge through the swamp to deliver milk and eggs to the grocery store had a long talk with Bobby’s Pa. Seems she had this daughter who was hankering after a husband with a good steady job, and the old woman thought Bobby would do the job nicely. She suggested they introduce the pair at the next dance, and Bobby’s Pa agreed.
The night of the dance, Bobby’s Pa insisted that his son dress in his best. Bobby was dragging his feet a little, remembering all those women who played him false and not wanting to go, but his Pa dragged him out anyway. Well, the moment Bobby clapped eyes on the dark-eyed, red-lipped girl from the swamp, he was head over heels in love. Her eyes sparkled like the sunlight on the bay. Her skin was as creamy as new milk. Her voice was low and sweet.
The pair cuddled and cooed and waltzed the whole night long, and come sunrise Bobby was all for bringing his new love before the visiting priest who delivered his sermons in the grocery store (since there weren’t no church in that vicinity) and getting married right

WANNA LAUGH?!?!?!??!

An old man is lying on his deathbed with his children, grandchildren, and older ...
An old man is lying on his deathbed with his children, grandchildren, and older great-grandchildren all around, teary-eyed at the approaching finale of a very long and productive life. The old man is in a terminal coma, and the doctors have confirmed that the waiting will be over within the next twenty-four hours. Suddenly, the old man opens his eyes and croaks: "I must be dreaming of heaven! I smell your grandmother's strudel!"

"No, grandfather, you are not dreaming. Grandmother is baking strudel now."

"I know I will never have another taste of her delicious strudel after this one. Could you please go down and get me a piece?", the old man begs with what is left of his final breath.

One of the grandchildren is immediately dispatched to honor the old man's last request. After a long time, he returns empty-handed.

"Did you bring me one last piece of your grandmother's delicious strudel?" the old man plaintively queries.

"I'm very sorry, grandfather, but she says it's for the funeral."


 9.   THE RING
 8.   JAWS


I am totally not ready!!

The Metro Sexual Meteorologists said something insane this morning, possible flurries north and west for the weekend? What happened to Indian Summer? I still have my flip flops on. I haven't emptied out the beach bags yet! I literally do not know how to attempt a closet purge to find closed toe shoes, let alone boots!

Soooo not ready, I saw my first holiday commercial a few days ago and noticed all the artificial trees that now illuminate the pool stores throughout my town.

It's inevitable, as I age - time is flying. There are only 57 days til Christmas! Holy crap that just really put a different spin on this! I need to get my act together! Today on my day off I am going to empty those beach bags. redo my closet and make the appointment for the girls picture for holiday cards. The crunch is here and it's time for me at 40 years old to be organized!

The lazy days of summer are gone, the boat is pulled and there is no way I will go through another year of insanity and running around two days before Christmas with less than half of a list to complete.

The silver lining to this dark (and possibly snowy cloud) is that sooner or later MVP will return to the Jersey Shore. The RHONJ are already filming season 4. I am loving the new show Revenge, Those Mob Wives gotta be rearing their crazy heads again soon and I already have plans for New Years Eve!!!

The Spring/Summer will be here soon enough!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Model Tara Lynn

A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and beautiful woman. The caption was "This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"

The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the following way:

"Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their children with great tenderness.
They entertain like crazy with dolphins and eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.

  • Jack Nicholson knows a beautiful woman when he sees one!
  • Here he is with Kathy Bates.

They sing incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.

Mermaids do not exist.

But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of a problem of split personality: woman or fish?
They would have no sex life and could not bear children.
Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

Without a doubt, I'd rather be a whale.

WANNA LAUGH??!?!?!?!?

A very shy guy goes into a nightclub and sees a beautiful woman sitting at the ...
A very shy guy goes into a nightclub and sees a beautiful woman sitting at the bar. After an hour of gathering up his courage, he finally goes over to her and asks, tentatively, "Um, would you mind if I chatted with you for a while?"

She responds by yelling, at the top of her lungs, "No, I won't sleep with you tonight!" Everyone in the bar is now staring at them. Naturally, the guy is completely embarrassed and he slinks back to his table.

After a few minutes, the woman walks over to him and apologizes. She smiles at him and says, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. You see, I'm a graduate student in psychology and I'm studying how people respond to embarrassing situations."

To which he responds, at the top of his lungs, "Two-hundred dollars? What do you mean $200?!


A tray of candied or caramel

-Shown below is a commonly used recipe for candy apples.

2 - cups light brown sugar
2/3 to 1 cup - water
1 - tablespoon light corn syrup
1/2 - teaspoon lemon extract
3 - dashes of fresh cinnamon
6 to 8 apples with sticks (skewered)

Combine all ingredients except the lemon extract into a small, deep saucepan. Mix with a wooden spoon to evenly distribute the ingredients; place over medium high heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Be sure that all the ingredients come to a boil and reach about 290° to 300° on your candy thermometer. Once the product has reached it's set temperature, add the lemon extract and you are ready to start dipping your apples! Be careful when dipping because the candy will be very hot.


My He Said's are usually sexual in nature but this week's, unfortunately, is not.
My son started middle school this year. Things are calming down, knock on wood, but once school started getting into the real nitty gritty my boy seemed to lose it a little.
One thing he struggled with was homework. Forgetting it, forgetting how to do it, not writing the whole assignment down, etc. 
My frustration level was at it's peak. One day I yelled, "I feel like I am doing more of your homework than you are!" That's when something occurred to me.
Why do kids even have homework? I know that may sound like a crazy question but I am serious.
Shouldn't kids be allowed to go out after school to discover sports & all sorts of adventures without having to worry about homework? When I worked at Verizon I got overtime for anything after 8 hours a day! Why do the kids have to go to school all day then come home to go nuts with this stuff all over again? Most parents will tell you that it's nothing but a battle so what is the real purpose here? 
Do I sound like the clueless, dumb guy that I am or do I have a point here?

Monday, October 24, 2011

WANNA LAUGH!?!?!?!?!

A man walks into his bedroom with two asprin and a glass of water.

His wife asks "what's that for?"
Husband replies "for your headache."
Wife answers "I don't have a headache."
Husband says "GOTCHA!"


This year my son started middle school. Like me he is having a rough adjustment. But there is one thing that started for him this year that is worse than adjusting to a new school.
"Why can't you be more like your sister?!"
My daughter is autistic. She didn't go to the elementary school that is closest to our home. She went to another school in the district where all the special needs students go. But when she started middle school she goes to the same middle school as everyone else.
She is in 7th & my son is in 6th. One of his teachers is an old teacher of my daughter's. My boy's art teacher is the same art teacher my daughter had last year. I believe he may have another teacher or 2 who has had something to do with my daughter.
One teacher has already said that dealing with my son is a lot different from dealing with my daughter.
So now it begins. My son will be hearing "Why can't you be more like your sister" all the time. I went through the same thing. My brother was loved by everyone. He was nice, polite, & well behaved. I on the other hand was loud, rude, & a wiseass.... I know that may be hard to believe. Going to the same elementary, jr, & high schools as my brother was one thing, but our mother also went to the same schools! Our mother was the quietest student ever. Of course most of the teachers I had remembered my mother. So I got hit with comparisons to both of them all the time. I guess my son being who he is in school is my karma!!
I didn't resent my brother when I got these comparisons but I'll admit sometimes it was a pain. I can see my son is already aggravated & slightly resenting his sister.
Have you ever had to deal with sibling comparisons or were you the one who your sibling was compared to? How did you & your siblings handle it? 

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Did You Know...

An average beaver can cut down two hundred trees a year.

Q is the only letter in the alphabet that does not appear in the name of any state of the United States.

Only full-grown male crickets can chirp.

Richard M. Nixon is the only US president to have resigned.

Average number of hummingbirds required to create the weight of 1 ounce: 18.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), a natural substance that is reputed to stimulate the same reaction in the body as falling in love.

The human brain is about 85% water.

The honeybee kills more people world-wide than all the poisonous snakes combined.

Teeth are the only parts of the human body that can't repair themselves.

Cats average 16 hours of sleep a day, more than any other mammal.