Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am totally not ready!!

The Metro Sexual Meteorologists said something insane this morning, possible flurries north and west for the weekend? What happened to Indian Summer? I still have my flip flops on. I haven't emptied out the beach bags yet! I literally do not know how to attempt a closet purge to find closed toe shoes, let alone boots!

Soooo not ready, I saw my first holiday commercial a few days ago and noticed all the artificial trees that now illuminate the pool stores throughout my town.

It's inevitable, as I age - time is flying. There are only 57 days til Christmas! Holy crap that just really put a different spin on this! I need to get my act together! Today on my day off I am going to empty those beach bags. redo my closet and make the appointment for the girls picture for holiday cards. The crunch is here and it's time for me at 40 years old to be organized!

The lazy days of summer are gone, the boat is pulled and there is no way I will go through another year of insanity and running around two days before Christmas with less than half of a list to complete.

The silver lining to this dark (and possibly snowy cloud) is that sooner or later MVP will return to the Jersey Shore. The RHONJ are already filming season 4. I am loving the new show Revenge, Those Mob Wives gotta be rearing their crazy heads again soon and I already have plans for New Years Eve!!!

The Spring/Summer will be here soon enough!

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  1. I agree that time flies faster as I get older,but part of the problem is that stores start the Christmas season BEFORE Halloween is even here! Thanksgiving gets totally lost in the shuffle! Fall is my favorite time of year and I decorate to the hilt for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I wish society wouldn't rush me!