Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tony Walker

Yesterday I was driving home from my good friend Bobby "Be A Rockstar" Donohue's house. Bobby lives at least 45 minutes away. I was there from 11AM to 230PM. We didn't eat so I was starving, & of course I had to pee-real bad. As I flew through the Long Island Expressway, Sagtikos  Parkway, Southern State Parkway, & The Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway, I was exited to be just a minute from home since I really had to pee & was getting the shakes because I needed to eat. But wait! The car in front of me on Seamans Neck Road is moving at 15 mph.... 15 mph!! Movie it!!! What are you doing??!! Seamans Neck Rd. is a one lane road so I had nowhere to go.... and I DEFINITELY had to go if you know what I mean! Finally the car in front of me is making a turn. As I pass that car I see it's a lady who is at least in her 80's.... at least that's what she looked like.

You've all been there I'm sure. You're in a rush but the old person in front of you is in your way. It's a classic story. But it got me thinking... I realized that I don't actually know WHY old people drive the way they do. Is it a loss of judgement as they get older? Are they too senile to know how fast they're going? Do they not care since they're most likely retired & have time to kill? Is it all of the above? Surely when you're old you can still read so can't they look at their speedometer to see how slow they're going? What is the deal?? Please someone comment below if you know why they do this.

This one legged man can't run but he made it into his house at the nick of time much to the delight of his bladder. And thank you Otto's Deli for a very satisfying roast beef sandwich.

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