Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness

Dawn Boyle

March Madness is what has been going on since the first week of March and ends the begining of April. It is Men's and Women's College Basketball Tournaments. There are 68 teams and the winner of these tournaments determines who is the National Champion of College Basketball....I think.

In my world MARCH MADNESS is a little different. It's when my children no longer want to do homework, study or go to school. It's when every other week someone is home sick from school and allergy season kicks in. There is more whining during this time of year over what kind of clothing should be worn. For some reason there is one day that feels like summer, which its really not, but after a hellish winter 49 degrees is a heatwave. Spring sports commence as does the daily argument over going or not going to practice.

March Madness also makes me hate my house. The dreary yard outside and the damage of the kids playing inside for the past five months gives me the itch to start something foolish like painting the garage door or cleaning out closets AGAIN...

My advices...crack open a beer, turn on whatever sports channel the tournaments are on and pretend like you are enjoying it - sounds much better then my MARCH MADNESS!

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