Monday, March 14, 2011


Barbara Ward-Finneran

In recent days I have been asked,  “Where are you on that blog of yours?”  

It’s my blog, and I’ll blog if I want to, blog if I want to... WANT TO? I’m dying to!!!!

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Teacher. Artist. Graphic Designer. Founder of Drawn 2 Design. (My business that  happened to take on a new design client with great opportunity as this blog went live.) Writer. Runner. Exercise Enthusiast. 
Life so gets in the way!  Can you relate?!  

That ‘s said.  Let me set the record straight. I am livin’ at the lounge. (And, if you don’t believe me, ask my husband, as Dawn has become the other woman - and not in a good way. LOL) In earlier in the year when Dawn and I decided to start Delayed Reaction Lounge and internal war started within the artists in me.  The visual artist and the creative artist battled at will to be certain both the writing and design at the lounge would be held to certain artistic standards.  Originally I had grand illusions (later seen to be total delusions!) of designing the site from scratch.  HA!  

As I was starting to come to realize that this was NOT realistic, nor necessary.  My best friend from art school reiterating my feeling when she said,  "Why reinvent the wheel?"   (Thanks for talking me completely off that ledge, Laura! If you hadn't the lounge would more then likely still be under construction.)  Somewhere in that enlightening conversation with Laura I was also struck by my own written prose echoing through my head, "Keep the promises that you make to yourself".

Very late on the evening of  Thursday, February 10th, I messaged Dawn and said - We are keeping the proposed, Valentines day launch date.  (Now mind you, I had just told her it would never happen 24 hours prior to this - as the battle of the artists was still in full force and now dealing with the common enemies of HTML and coding!  UGH!) I went on to Dawn rambling about blogger and how it would solve the war I was having and allow us to launch "on time" even as a work in progress. As an artist - I was all about a work in progress and Dawn was more then willing to humor me and go along for the ride.

Since then my writings have been back burnered.  Not a day has gone by that I have not eat, drank, dreamed and slept the lounge.  I have gone through "baptism by fire" and become much more in touch (to my bemuse!) with the left side of my brain via all the behind the scenes   "tech stuff".  My hands have touched (via keyboard strokes), designed, edited, revamped, uploaded, sized, hyperlinked, applied color and design to every post on this site. I am all over this lounge in every way possible.  

I am no longer sent screaming from the computer by HTML to dial Laura & Gary, (her partner, tech guru, artist and my friend - check out his Facebook page) and even recently fixed a post via the code and not the visual text --- ALL BY MYSELF.  Giant strides have been made in all areas technical to my own amazement & Dawn's supportive amazement as well.  SO IT'S ALL GOOD!

The side effect, sadly, to connecting with my inner techie is that my writing has suffered!

But don't worry.... I'LL BE BACK!!!  I'll blog as soon as I can......

There's the phone... "What do you mean, the comment's won't post today?!" 
No, I don't know how to fix that, Dawn, "But I'll give it a whirl."
"And, the pictures won't go into the posts..."
I'm on it, Dawn!"

Like I said.... I'll be back - EVENTUALLY!


  1. You keep saying you'll be back to blogging soon.
    This post sure seems like a blog to me.
    Either way, don't be gone long... the Lounge needs Barbara's blogs!!!

  2. Barbara, I think my first reaction to your announcement of starting a blog was that you must have figured the 6 or 7 hours you spent sleeping a night were just a waste of time. I for one, am very glad that you gave up sleep to share your voice. You'll always have my support, advice (on HTML and anything else), friendship and admiration.

  3. I appreciate you making it look pretty and it working :)

  4. How do you have time to go to the bathroom with so many accomplishments? WOW