Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

A knight in shining armor! What a picture that evokes. The errant knight on his white steed, off to battle who knows what, for the honor of the lady fair! His code – honor, chivalry, truth and justice. We don’t see many armor clad young men galloping down I95 these days, but that doesn’t mean that the days of chivalry are over. Many men, today, are just as worthy of knighthood as Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot, and even Sir Galahad! They are the men who jump in to stand up for a friend. They don’t participate in “bashing” others who aren’t
there to defend themselves. They also refrain from the mindless bragging many men
feel necessary when they’ve “scored”. Instead, they speak with fondness and respect for
women. Sure, they may kid around or tease, but in their hearts and in their character, that
respect is evident.

I’ve such men. I happen to be lucky enough to be married to one! I’m happy to say
that I can count a few among my friends as well. Recently, I’ve made a new friend. I’ve
never met him in person, but I’ve gotten to know him through some of my close friends,
through his writing and through his actions on behalf of two of his friends. His name
is Tony Walker. When his friends were verbally attacked, he jumped in to defend and
protect! He’s the loving father of an autistic child and believe me, having a special needs
child is a never ending battle for justice! 
Even though I’ve never met Tony in person, I can tell you that I honestly admire him and
am grateful to be his FB friend and fellow DRL family member. So here’s to the Knights in Shining Armor in our lives today. Here’s to you, Tony!


  1. although we joke I think Tony is a great guy! I know he always has my back and would go out on a limb for a friend! Cheers to TONY!!!

  2. Tony is a ROCKSTAR who earned the title, Sir "WeLoveAlot" weeks ago! I am honored to call him my friend.

  3. I miss Tony :( ... That's all .

  4. You said it so well Marion! Just <3 Tony!

  5. I can't say I alway agree with what Tony writes, but he seems like a good, sincere person.Your post confirms that opinion.

  6. What a total surprise!!
    Thank you all so much for this.
    Most of the "DLR" family I've never met in person, & those I have I haven't seen in years. I haven't even seen Boyle in almost 3 years!!! I hope I see her soon because the blow up just ain't cutting it!!
    (That comment is a true example of what you're talking about right? LOL)
    Even though we haven't met in person you are all my friends. I love this lounge!!!
    You all would do what I did for Dawn & Barbara at any moments notice. Dawn has done it for me not that long ago & I'll never forget it.
    The retaliation was supposedly coming today... as of right now I'm still alive! LOL
    Who is anonymous? Is it my first wife?? LOL