Thursday, March 17, 2011

KISS ME I'M IRISH - Pháirt Amháin (Part I)

Ms. Jillian B. Hart

Kissing is one of the most sensual and sexy ways too express your passion for your partner.  So many ways to get erotic with your lover but most often the starting point is a kiss.  A lingering embrace of lips that leaves your mate longing for more and daydreaming about you long after the moment is gone.

In the chaos of life it is all too easy to forget the power of the kiss.  All to easy to fall into the "smooch" and or "smack' syndrome. The quick peck that has become habit and essentially is so over used that it means nothing. This cordial interaction certainly doesn't raise a pulse.  Day in and day out, reality gets in the way and these kisses have their place but to keep sparks from fizzling a couple must define time to include romantic passionate kisses in their daily love diet.  These encounters need not be saved for "bedroom time" but should rather be used often as prelude to escapades yet to come.  What is more exciting then anticipation?  You want your lover to desire you,  then it is necessary to lay one on them that leaves them longing for more.  Sexy kissing is all about a moment that makes your partner crazy for you.  Kissing must not just be a road map to sex but rather an appreciated act of pleasure unto itself.

Take the time to add a sexy kiss into your day.  If you have been dwelling in smooch-ville you may need to start slowly or risk the "what got into you suspicion".  But start.  As this might just be your ticket to "do it again in like, 72 hours or less".  At least one of your hands must touch your partner.  Don't stress about this or make it complicated.  Put your hand in their hair. Caress the cheek. Lift and hold the chin. Rub the arm. Wrap the waist. Pull them closer a hug.  Just initiate a simple yet intimate connection.  Follow up with kiss.  Not smooch or smack.  Lips must linger together for at least 10 seconds. Or be a series of tiny butterfly pecks that elapse over the same length of time. Sound easy?  Count slowly in your head to ten the next time you kiss. It's longer then you think! Once you master ten - go longer!

Want more sex?  (Doesn't it always come down to that for some?!)  More intimacy for the others? I challenge you to incorporate three ten second kisses into your day on a daily basis for a week.  See what awakens in you and your lover.  See if more sex develops.  See if she's happy about it.  We all know he will be.  Sex makes men happy.  Let's see where the kisses get you.....

So in honor of this day - where everyone is Irish!  Celebrate the whole "Kiss Me I'm Irish" and unleash your inner sexy kissing leprechaun!  Kiss your lover!!! Beats the hell out of kissing the blarney stone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Jillian
    I'd like to try this experiment with you!
    Thanks for the idea. I'm going to start it today.
    My wife probably won't like it.... there's always my dog!!

  2. I think men like kissing just as much as women. And women should enjoy and want sex just as much as a man. If this is not the case, look deep inside and express to your lover what you are really looking for and how they can help you enjoy sex. Quickies have their place, but lets not substitute quickies for a good romp.

  3. Cute. I am very sure you are not married, but good try.

  4. Great post Jillibeans :)

  5. Great post......but where is Part VI?????? lol

  6. Who is "Reality" thinking isn't married?!?!
    Jillian or Tony --- I'm confused!

    Brooklyn, Dawn, & TMF- Agreed!

    Keep it coming Jillian!

  7. Clearly Jillian heeded her own advice, and is nowhere to be found now.
    Come up for some air Jillian, you haven't "mastered" 10 seconds!

    By the way, touching/grabbing the ass is a good spot for the hands too.

  8. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie... I'm always hangin' around the lounge - just sometimes it's good to take it all in and see just what could develop! ... see part II

    Never anything bad about an ass grab! ;)