Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Dawn Boyle

I have been watching the news coverage from the devastation in Japan. I am seeing things so familiar to what happened when people were looking for people during the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the United States. I brings back such horrific memories.

Are you and your family prepared for an emergency? Do you have and I.C.E Plan (In Case of Emergency)? No time like now to get one together!!!

Flashlight with batteries
Water a gallon of water for each person for each day
Food for three days for each person in your home
Medicine a 30 days supply for each prescription
Hand cranked radio
Face mask for each person in your home
First Aid Kit
Insurance information - medical/home
A family plan should also be in order
I.C.E. PLAN - out of town contact, a phone number on every one's person to all call in to if you get separated
Cell phone or phone card
Everything should be in a grab and go kit. Individual backpacks for each family member is the best way to be sure you are prepared.


  1. Great post Dawn! Too many people wait until the emergency is here! We should all be prepared and have a plan!

  2. JVV - I wrote this after hearing the news about not having enough to go around in Japan. I have to admit I am NOT prepared. I was right after 9/11. I had a backpack for each of us...years had passed, food expired and my husbands eye glass prescription changed as well....which reminds me - that should be on the list!!! A spare set of eye glasses!! Gonna order my kits now!

  3. I've always felt having a plan meant surrendering to the fact that we'll be subject to violence someday. I try to follow the positive vibes as best I can.
    Am I naive?
    Boyle, if you & me are trapped somewhere we won't need any of those things. We'll just..... never mind you know the rest.

  4. no worries Tony...I am on it! Already ordered the kits! My brother in law & sister in law made a fall out shelter up on the North Shore we are TOTALLY COVERED...they have a wine cellar ;)