Monday, March 14, 2011


Ms. Jillian B. Hart

Random rants, huh? Okay here’s one.....

Been hangin’ here at the lounge doing all this writing for a few weeks now.  According to the dynamic duo of co-creators, Dawn & Barbara, I am being well read.  Nice to know.  (That and a dollar won’t even get you a phone call.)  Wait for it..... wait for it..... here comes the rant:
WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING TO ME????? It’s easy to talk to me. I'm easy.

Easy going. Just click the little comment hyperlink and talk to me. I had really thought the topics that I had chosen to blog about would have stirred a little action. What’s So Complicated?! - perfect example. Now come on boys - I was in your corner and you didn’t even talk to me.  There is no need to be shy.  Say what’s on your mind.  Use an alias.  Be anonymous! - Just not an anonymous jacka$$.  Let’s just get some talking going on.  I was taking one for the team guys.  Took some heat from my gal pals and didn’t even get back up.  Seven Minutes, Seriously - I would have thought that’d have aroused more interactions from both genders.  Hart’s Desire is definitely meant to stir, no let me rephrase that, HEAT  things up and get a little business going on. Again, no action! I’m wasting good lip gloss on sad pouty lips. What’s up with that? Good kiss proof stick & gloss is meant for smiles & laughing, among other things.....

(Before you start Tony, just pipe down- I know you commented, Baby! Although highly appreciated - you “work” here.  That said, keep those comments coming!!!)  
With the exception of a select few - the comments are non-existent!   What’s a lady to do?! I’m in need a $%#@ stirrer.  Any volunteers?  I want to be laughing and having fun with my fan base.  TALK TO ME, PEOPLE - PLEASE!
Perhaps I’m missing the mark.  (Doubtful though, I prefer to think you are all playing shy or hard to get.)  I always appreciate a good bar game, but COME NOW!  If I want to keep my sassy sexy girl status at the lounge - What should I be blogging about??  Like my antics.  Want help, suggestions, blogs about how to HEAT things up like Hart’s Desire--- Throw me a question.  I’m willing to go there.  Just ask Jillian.....  (Simply request to be anonymous and you will be!)
Jillian B. Hart’s desire is to be hearing from you!  


  1. Jillian mentioned me...
    I'm so aroused....

  2. Jillian in my experience, people shy away from strong women, confident with their own sexuality. It's a shame because there are so many people reading your work...don't sweat it! Eventually they will start to spew.

  3. They are too busy going to shower and smoke a cig or blushing after reading your stories!!!! Forget them.....where is
    part V????????????

  4. <3 <3 <3 my faithful commenters!
    Thank you one and all three!
    @ Tony - ha ha ha! Love ya, Baby!
    @ Dawn - Agreed. I await the spew.....
    @ TMF - You seem to be my number one fan here at the lounge. Thanks for the high praise! Dare I ask you where you fall, showering, smoking or blushing --- never mind - You already stated BRING IT ON! :)
    I aim to please - look for "Business Trip Part V" - later today.