Friday, February 18, 2011


Ms. Jillian B. Hart
Usually I prefer to block out the world and fall into the musical fantasy land that I have created on my ipod while performing like a hamster in a wheel trapped for the ensuing miles on the gym’s treadmill.  I do however keep the TV monitor on with closed caption - more often then not to catch a closed caption of world events on CNN.  
My last visit to the gym I found myself restlessly channel surfing while the tunes cranked in my head via ear buds.  I stopped to pause on the opening of The Doctors and put the remote down when Jillian Michaels entered the set.  Being a big fan of Jillian’s and Biggest loser, for the first time ever, while keeping pace, I did the disconnect from my ipod and clicked into the TV’s audio.  I was not to be disappointed.  The panel of doctors was all of the female gender and the audience was filled only with testosterone producing onlookers.   The gentlemen proceeded to ask the feminine forum of heath experts questions regarding women that ran the gamut. The questions ranged from anatomy, cellulite, walking in heels, beauty treatments and of course SEX!

When asked why women enjoy a good foot rub, I was instantly entertained when Jillian enticed audience member Jim to take a walk in our shoes and dash around in fire engine red FMP’s.  Jim finished his jaunt around the stage off balance and sympathetic.   
"This is why we need our feet rubbed," Dr. Lisa says. "When we put on our high heels, it throws us out of alignment. There's a lot of pressure on our heels and on the balls of our feet."
However the climax of the show came when the question aroused, “What is the average length of time that it takes a woman to have an orgasm?”  Armed with “Padgetts” the men were able to choose (A) Seven Minutes, (B) Twenty Minutes, or (C) Thirty-Nine Minutes.  
One of the fabulous femme then asked, “Who said seven minutes?”   An eager to answer gentleman popped up (pun intended) to comment, “Seven minutes, that’s all it should take. Otherwise you are doing it wrong. Am I right? We get bored”.
Over half the audience was resurrected when the poll revealed that 54% choose (B) Twenty Minutes.  So ladies, there is hope!  The health experts went on to explain that it is an “AVERAGE” and so many other factors measure in, including, but not limited to foreplay and state of mind. Their advice, “Find out what pushes your women’s buttons”.
I couldn’t agree more!  

Ladies, what’s your average? How are your button’s pushed? Do you help your man out? Point him in the right direction? I’m all for cluing him in.  After all - if your lover gets you to the point of: “Don’t stop, touch me more”.  His hand slid higher and met warm wetness and stroked her inner fire as she completely surrendered to his touch...   (Click the purple text link to read more!)
Doesn’t everybody win?! 


  1. Ms. Hart needs to hold classes!

  2. I would take a series of classes. Sign me up!

  3. Ladies & Gentlemen.... If you want to win - YOU HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME!!! Go ahead, I dare you! Double dare you!!

    How to Both Get What You Want 101 -
    I'll post when open registration begins....

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