Friday, February 18, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose    

 I’ve spent more years than I’d like to admit, looking in the mirror. While I was never overly thrilled with what I saw, it wasn’t too bad. I mean, I wasn’t hideous or scary to look at! But lately, I just don’t know!  Suddenly I’m asking myself, “Since when did I get a turkey neck?” and “Why do my eyes look like they have railroad tracks coming from the sides?” Unfortunately, 40  happened! Then it wasn’t long before life had other surprises for me. While most of me started getting wider and fuller, where the heck were my lips going? The roots of my hair suddenly went from healthy reddish brown to dull, dry white! (Of course you’ll never see it, thanks to my new best friend, L’Oreal!)

     It’s been a frightening journey, but I know from watching my mom and my friends’ moms, that this is just the beginning! When they get together, the conversation naturally turns to their gallbladders or hysterectomies. They compare medications and blood pressure, playing “can you top this?”  And it gets worse! Eventually, instead of thinking about meeting new people and enjoying the spontaneity of life, the major concern of the day becomes “will my Activia start working or will I be miserable all day?”
Recently I had a conversation with my sister in NY and before I knew it, we were comparing doctor appointments and blood pressure medications. AAAAAHHHHHHHH! We’re both becoming our mother! (Not that she wasn’t a wonderful woman, but this was like her at 89! We aren’t nearly there yet!)

     And so, I’ve decided to take a new lease on life. I’m going to eat healthier, get moving a bit more, and enjoy each day as it comes (even if my Activia isn’t working!)  I’m not going to have a face lift or liposuction, but I am going to keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I’m going to compliment more, laugh more, encourage more and put myself out more. This way, hopefully, I’ll have more to think about as I grow older than my liver spots and bladder problems!

     I’ve noticed that there are some people who never seem to age. They may grow gray and wrinkled, but they remain young at heart and positive in attitude. These are the people who share their stories about their wonderful lives and teach their grandchildren to appreciate and hope. They’re people I love to be around!  I hope someday some “youngster” can say the same about me!



  1. Marion, I truly believe the attitude of keeping a smile on your face & staying active will keep you young and even young looking!
    No doubt in my mind that a positive attitude towards life was one of the major reasons I beat cancer. I am a 40 year old who looks like a 50 year old but as long as I am having fun who cares???

  2. Well said Marion. Growing old is just a number to me (ask me how old I am truly I don't know I stop counting a fews years back). I believe in the saying "your as old as you want to feel". And me personally fell better now then in my teens. So nobody better tell me I'm too old to do this or that because this women can play with the best of them. (Might not always win but at least I will give it my all) .

  3. Great post Marion!!! My husband says he is going broke with all the "things" that have "broke" on me since turning 40 in December :)Which reminds me....about making an eye appointment next week. Pretty sure I need corrective surgery!

  4. Marion, I'm loving your posts! Keep them coming! You seem to know what I'm thinking and feeling at any given moment! Hurray for th Delayed Reaction Lounge!

  5. Renewing that lease on your own life with new terms that raise your bar --- will keep you forever timeless and young at heart! Well said!!!

  6. Oh God yes!! I try to use my mom as an example of what not to do, but sometimes...good lord she comes out in me.
    Although I know as we age ,we will undoubtedly talk of these things as a means of catching up and mutual interest. However, I think a switch of topics to discuss to "how are the kids doing?" is just the right medicine. They keep us grounded don't they?
    I think you should write a book.

  7. Aging Gracefully? Not me!!!!! I'll be 26 forever!

  8. Wow Marion your article opens an even bigger book on how we all feel about aging...but can we backtrack back to the Activia? Is it because I am older now, that Activia can put a smile on my face every morning, that in turn keeps me feeling younger throughout the day? Well, I might be sold on Activia, but Activia might still be on the shelf if humor hadn't come along. So here's what I have to say to the young...Bring it on!
    We have truth, wisdom, we have fun and we have our Activia!