Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Dawn Boyle

This week the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue has been revealed for 2011. The coveted cover was won by a beautiful girl named Irina. Brooklyn Decker gets the nod as well in this years magazine, which is about twice a large as last year.

Statistics show that this publication increases bikini sales this week and women joining and actually going to the gym. As I flip through the pages I can see why this one issue makes up most of Sports Illustrated sales for the year.
The women are beautiful. The places where the pictures are taken are dripping with what we, north easterners need right about now as the winter blues are fully kicked in. It is paradise.

In previous years I would sneak a peek at the pages in envy. I would hate that my husband got more excited about the issue's then the arrival our first born. Not this year. I am not saying that I am swim suit ready. Not saying that at all...I have 26 days til I have to wear one, I am considering getting my jaw wired. It must be something about my recent birthday. The number changed and in the tens position there is a four, it has liberated me. I am happy with this new found liberation and with only a handful of weeks left til spring I intend on being the best me I can be! Does that include dropping a few pounds by Memorial Day? Sure and I have the will and confidence to do so!


  1. You always echo my thoughts~the freakin' SI swimsuit edition. You really had me thinking at 6:30am too.....a 4 in the tens position. Love it. Rock on and you will be bikini-clad with cocktails in no time.

  2. I have always had the problem of just "sayin" what I am really thinking...even more so now with the 4 in the tens position ;)
    I am forging ahead with Summer/Boat/Beach Clubs in mind! Thanks for reading & commenting!!!!!

  3. I agree. The older we get, the more
    confidence you have in yourself. I just wish i had this confidence back in high school--when I was 110 lbs soaking wet, and still thought if I could only drop 10 more lbs I'd be perfect. In the end if you feel good about yourself on the inside it will shine through on the outside--and that's how we need to raise our girls these days.

  4. @ Deanna - thanks!!

    @ B-No - I have two daughters, today's girls deal with way more confindence issues that I ever did and they are both only in elementary school!!!
    I agree - beauty on the inside radiates to the outside! Thanks for commenting :)

  5. It's amazing how that 4 in the tenths position can be overwhelming and liberating all at the same time! Having embraced the big 40 a little ahead of you... I'm confident to say -- Forty-Something is Fabulous!

    Well said, Dawn!!!

    Let's go shoe shopping - some FMP's & the right wrap and it's time to rock the beach bars.... Summer's coming!!!!

  6. TMF & BARBARA....

    This time can be either exciting or overwhelming...actually a combo of the two!

    I am embracing this and gonna kick ssa!