Saturday, February 19, 2011

"What Do I Know About He Said, She Said?"

Tony Walker

Someone help me please!!! I just realized that I am not a man!!! 
Let me rephrase that... I am not a typical man. 

In the week since the Lounge opened, I've been told that my closest friends who are men & I are the minority because we do/help with the dishes, laundry, kids, etc. Now I read the post by Jillian, "Seven Minutes, Really?(Click the purple to read) & I am shocked. Did some clown on "The Doctors" show really say he gets bored if he spends more than seven minutes pleasuring his woman?! (Click the purple to see the show clip) Either that guy is a moron or I am... don't respond to that Boyle....

There is nothing I enjoy MORE than pleasing a woman! Well I enjoy one thing more.... but pleasuring a woman is right there with it! Seven minutes sounds so quick to me!!! What's better than watching your lover in a state of ecstasy... ecstasy that you are providing! Bring it on ladies! Take your time!  Moan, change positions, take a break, whatever you need to do! 
Why not take a lot of time to please the woman? I find watching her get aroused to be the biggest turn on which then makes my turn even better! I wouldn't want her bored with me so why should she accept me being bored with her?? Not that I am judging BUT... how could anyone get bored with foreplay, lovemaking, etc? If you're bored you need to fix that! Bring out the toys! Get the camera out! Invite some friends over! Go do it in public! 

Sorry.... I lost myself at the end there....

Please guys... help me out here. Tell me these men in Jillian's article aren't typical. They're making us look bad!!!

Jillian B. Hart

Hope the "boys" go to bat and help you out here, Tony....

Let's think of it like sports. It should be a team effort!  The average time can be extended to begin early in the day.  A gentle touch, a frisky text, a smile that screams, "Hey Now!", a post it note on the bathroom mirror, a look of bedroom eyes.   Foreplay can be washing the dishes. Or at least it an be pre-foreplay anyway.  Everyone needs to go to "practice" like this or you DON'T PLAY. 

That said, ladies... what is your responsibility here?  If you are NOT getting what you want the way you want it, WHY NOT?  And, why just wait?  If you want you lover to long for you... Do something about it!   Set the stage, act the part!  Women have liberated themselves in so many areas of society.  Why not it the bedroom?  That doesn't mean you have to change who you are --- but to shake things up --- you owe it to yourself and your mate to, at least occasionally, "think outside the box".  Doing late night dinner dishes and you want some help,  perhaps you sick of asking or even begging for help.  May you just want him to know.  knowing the chores must be done, my advice, ditch the sweatshirt and dare risk hanging at the sink in a lacy tank top - splash on some perfume too.  I bet you arouse some help!!! Best be ready to play ball later!

............ Tony, Baby, I'll check in later.
I have laundry to finish, the dishwasher to empty, a play date to carpool my kids to, and perhaps a breeze through the mall.  Nothing set the stage quite like spin through Victoria's Secret! ;)



  1. I leave for a few hours and you two are turning this into CINEMAX? Where is Barbara to hose you guys down????
    Now I will comment seriously on this matter...there are several stages a relationship goes through...sometimes you just happen to be in the your not getting any action stage, sometimes it is just what is supposed to happen :)

  2. I went for a run! I'm allowed. I needed a break, all I have been doing is blog, blog. blog, blog!!! LOL

    The "kids" will play when we aren't around...... it's normal to test the boundaries. Cinemax is okay --- we just may want to drag out the hose to avoid the "pay per view" status.

  3. Ladies, Don't get you pretty little lace panties in a twist. Tony and I will behave......... or try to, at least for the rest of the evening, anyway. ;)

  4. glad you finally got to go for a run...we shall keep the hose accessible just in case ;)

  5. You sound pretty normal to me man! Men who don't get satisfaction out of pleasing their women seem pretty archaic to me. Educated, sharp men of today can play on an equal field with women without their masculinity being threatened. I love a strong woman, I'm a strong man and sometimes - I wear a pink shirt! How do you like that?

  6. Danny you seem like a smart man except for the part where you say that I sound like a smart man!
    Thanks for the support!!! I need it with these ladies!!!

  7. Mr. Walker, Dare I remind you that these ladies are so much fun and for the most part, very good to you! ;)