Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tony Walker

One of the first things I do when I get on the computer is see what's happening at the Delayed Reaction Lounge. I have to tell you a secret... I have no idea why this site is called Delayed Reaction. But when I read Barbara's "How's Your Hump" I started asking myself some questions about this blog, this site, & my life as a whole. 

Barbara thinks that Wednesday... or Hump Day.... is a middle of the week reminder that the weekend is coming but first you must finish out your chaotic week. She asks where is the living in a life of an over scheduled existence. In a world of so many responsibilities, where are the responsibilities to ourselves? Excellent points Barbara. 

That's when I started thinking about the name of this site. Does Delayed Reaction mean we lost ourselves in our thirties so our dreams were delayed? Is it time to revisit those dreams? 
Barbara's question of what about a responsibility to ourselves struck a chord with me. I definitely forgot my dreams for many years. It was a battle with cancer that made me realize

that I was not living the life I dreamed of. I've been cancer free for almost 8 years & have been working towards the life I wanted ever since. It's been a slow process at times but so far it's been an upward climb. I've been talking with a close friend lately who gives herself practically no time for herself. She's working, taking care of the kids, etc. She's slowly waking up & realizing she wants more but is having a very difficult time figuring out how to balance all of her responsibilities with the responsibility to her own life. I don't know when she will figure it out but I hope for her sake she won't stop trying. 

So this Hump Day & the posts on the Delayed Reaction Lounge have left me in a reflective mood. Time to get back to normal... time to look forward & focus on happiness. Time to investigate the other meaning of "hump." That's a whole other blog.....


  1. Well said Tony! I agree with you. My mother always said time moves more and more quickly as you get older. Of course, being in my 20's at the time, I rolled my eyes at her! But now, OMG,she was right! Time is precious, so focus on the meaningful things ( family, friends, doing what makes you happy) as much as you focus on work, finances,and the "rat race"!

  2. Love the post! :D

    Glad I got you thinking, Tony. We must keep the promises that we make to ourselves... The rest will follow!