Saturday, February 19, 2011


 Marion Pellicano Ambrose

OK, I admit it! I play Farmville! I don’t know why I get such pleasure from planting and harvesting cartoon crops and raising a farm full of chickens, cows, llamas and reindeer, but I do! Is it because I’m such a “black thumb" in real life? Not only can’t I get a thing to grow, but my silk plants lose their leaves around me! But there has to be a deeper, more meaningful meaning for my addiction to this phenomena!

farm-ville.jpgWhen my sister found out I was a “Farmie” she was ready to disown me, so great was her shame. It was almost as bad as when she found out I’m a Republican! OMG!( But then, when I was a kid, she also convinced me I was the ONLY one in the world who liked the Monkees!) Anyway, I knew that there was a kind of stigma attached to being a Farmville enthusiast.
This feeling of shame has caused me to look closely at myself and why I’m drawn to Farmville. Here are my conclusions. In this game, I get rewarded for working hard. My wealth steadily increases and my crops never fail, as long as I am faithful to harvest them on time. My animals all get along and gladly eat the slop I serve without  complaint! If I visit neighbors, I am showered with gifts and coins! I can buy houses, clothing, and adorable exotic animals! Every holiday, I am given wonderful gifts and surprises. Now tell me, why wouldn’t I want to play? On Valentine’s Day I received roses, a pink castle, swans, chocolates, teddy bears and more. In real life, I was given….uh…..Oh yes, a card from my friend Judy in New York! Need I say more?
Looking a little deeper I also realized that, I have a nasty little habit of loving to spend money! Not a bad habit when you’re well off, but here I am on disability and getting only 20% of my salary. Not a good habit to have on this income! Farmville gives me the ability to “earn” a great deal of money and “spend” it as I wish. It also allows me to be generous and sent gifts to friends and neighbors! I can afford to be a big spender for once in my life!
My final thought on the subject is this: I was born and raised in NYC. The thought of life on a farm seems romantic and wholesome to me. In reality, I know it must be nonstop hard work, but working on my little Farmville Farm is like stepping into the  holodeck on the Enterprise! (OMG, another confession – I’m a Trekkie!)  It’s grown up pretend time! I can go to my comfortable little farm where good always triumphs, hard work is rewarded and thanks to my non-wither ring, time stands still. I’ve come to the conclusion that Farmville makes me happy!  So am I addicted to Farmville? The answer is, hell yes! And I’m loving it!




  1. Trekkies and Farmies of the world unite! Great post!

  2. L.B.(A Farmville Teacher)February 19, 2011 at 6:04 PM

    Farmville is great! Where else can you get Poncho LLamas and elephants with hearts on them? You use budgeting,surveying and design skills as well as elapsed time and statistics! I think "Farmies" are smart,cool people! And yes, I'm addicted too! Hey Marion, wanna be neighbors?

  3. Farmville is a Pain in the A@#, just because your friends with someone on Facebook, dosent mean you care in the slightest what ducky they just recieved, or that they need a nail for some imaginary barn. If you want to play thats ok , just dont drag me into your delusions

  4. I don't think Farmville is all bad, especially for kids (there are far worse games they could be playing on facebook i.e. Mafia Wars). It can teach them money management, working towards goals, and teamwork in order to progress their farm. The only real concern with Farmville is people's attitudes towards it. It is never good for a person to get too emotionally attached to a game but that is any game. I feel like if it makes you happy and it doesn't interfere with your life there is nothing wrong with it. Keep on farmin'.

  5. Thanks for the explanation! I have several FB friends spending a ton of time on Farmville, and could never figure out why. Now I know what the attraction is.

  6. I really enjoyed your article Marion! However...the word addiction spreads a dark cloud over me. Games, sports, reading can put us all in a healthy state of euphoria. You are a great "Enthusiast" of Farmville and take the time to enjoy it. But, I also know, that your life is filled with accomplishments and of "Driven Purpose"! So..."as we continue to exlpore the universe" for future Farmville enthusiates - who knows, maybe I will be next.

  7. Farmville!? Really??

    I'll be blunt. You need to get out!!

  8. Being the sister of this Farmville addict, not only do I not get the attraction, but the rest of my family doesn't either. Nor do they get the Republican thing. Maybe the allure is the ability to live in a fantasy world where real life doesn't intrude. It beats me! Hey, whatever provides one with escapist fare is fine- for some it's reading, for others it's sports, and for my sister, it's Farmville.

    So...go milk your cows and spend some money :)

    The platform we wish to have here at DRL is to lift each other up and not put anyone down. That said, we will never censor anyone's comment, unless of course it should be rated R.

  10. Play or not to play, it's your life, you do what you want!! But please do a little spell check first..the plural of Monkey isn't Monkees!

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    Kindly check your facts & your comprehension - especially if you are going to criticize as the reference is about the rock group the Monkees.

    I'm thinking you shouldn't throw stones if you don't have your facts straight! Better to be kind or be quiet! Like most moms will tell you - if you don't have something nice to say - then perhaps you shouldn't say anything at all!

  12. Whatever makes you happy......keep playing!

  13. Jeeze! Some of these people are tough! Even your own sister! Marion, if it makes you happy,farm away! I know people who knock a little ball around a huge course to get it in a little hole and noone criticizes them! And the "Monkees" person was obviously born yesterday so ignore him or her! Keep playing and for all our sakes, please keep writing! Love your stuff!

  14. It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. ~Author Unknown

  15. To Marion et. al., you are 100% right, comprehension was never my strong suit, always on the slow reading track. I apologize for my rudeness, and your reply smacked me in my smug face, I appreciate that, I need that every once in a while, not a terrible person just snarky, and as my grandpappy would say: Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. I think Jesse Jackson or MLK Jr. said that. Not sure!

  16. Here we come...
    Walkin' down the street.
    We get the funniest looks from...
    Everyone we meet!!

    Hey Hey we're the Monkees.
    People say we Monkey around.
    But we're too busy FARMING...
    To put anybody down!!!

    I'd be your farmville neighbor any day Marion. I'm a proud "enthusiast" as well. Level 98 and climbing. And anyone who follows my posts on facebook knows that I often remind people that with a little click of the "x" you can hide farmville posts without hiding the rest of the posts from me or any other people we care about. My "enthusiasm" for the game never has to interfere with anyone else's enjoyment on facebook. Just as I may not care about your daily horoscope, or where you're "checking in" to, or which "questions" you have about your friends. I just don't sweat it...I simply click on the little "x" and hide those applications from my view. I LOVE my facebook friends!!!

    Hey Hey we're the Monkees!!! (loved them, too!!)

  17. Just discovered this post. I LOVED it! But I also loved the comments. I'm a Cityviller myself, but Farmies have my great respect. You're sharp and funny, Marion. Don't apologize to anyone for your likes or dislikes, even your sister! I'd start playing Farmville just to get to know you! You sound awesome to me. Care to share your number?