Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Barbara Ward- Finneran
Mine often finds me exhausted.  Hump day hangs in the middle teasingly reminding that the weekend is approaching yet, reality says you are only half way there.  So much chaos of the everyday life left in the week.  Everything so important that it can't be postponed, put off, or pushed aside.  Often finding ourselves going through the motions of an over scheduled exsistence.  Where's the living in this life? When it comes to following our dreams why do they fall to the end of the priority list?
It's all to easy to let life get in the way.  Wife, mother, daughter, teacher, friend, artist, designer, runner, business owner, (insert your own agenda here) all come with a lengthy list of responsibilities.  None of which are easily overlooked.  But where is the responsibility to ourselves? 
Find a way to quiet the chaos.  To give yourself a moments peace.  Practice this as often as possible and the silence will get so loud that you'll finally hear it.  That voice inside you filled with inspiration and optimism.  The one that talks to your drive and feeds your soul.  A flash of clarity that reminds you that no mater how old you are, or aren't, no matter what "needs to be done",  your dreams and goals still count.  Be brave enough to embrace that spectacular belief and retain it's powerful enchantment.  Invite you spirit into those glimpses of faith and hope and a peace  will descend on you.  

Whenever you do anything in life there is a risk.  Especially when you try something new.  Changing things creates concern of what will happen to the life that you knew.  What makes us so afraid of making ourselves a priority?  What is so frightening about reaching for your highest potential and daring to reach for your goals?  Sometimes you have to just do it.  You have to choose to want it more then you are afraid of it.  Fearlessly cast aside doubt, for if you are focused on doubt you will fail to find victory.  Actions and attitude line the path to your success - make time, take a deep breath, smile and do it.  The possibilities are endless! Dare to push, reach and try!  Be passionate about it and make it a labor of love.  This is how Delayed Reaction Lounge was "born".
What you get by achieving your goals is significant - 
however, it is nothing compared to what you BECOME by achieving them.  

How you feel is the cherry on the double chocolate sundae.  
Life is a work of art in progress. Raise the bar. Envision new dreams and goals. Visualize your masterpiece and "make that happen". After all, your future lies in the best hands possible your own. You have the rest of your life to live.  Time enough to commission your own gallery show.


  1. making it happen right now!

  2. Some of those comments I can see written on t-shirt there or a bumper sticker (hint , hint). Making the time I so wish would happen more. If a clock just didn't have a face a think anxiety wouldn't get to most of us. As for leaving things in others hands no way no more. My destiny will be mine and how I roll the dice well let just hope I don't get snake eyes.

  3. Your words hit me hard. I'm tired of feeling guilty for the things I like to do. The only person to make me happy is me. Thanks for waking me up.