Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Barbara Ward-Finneran

Should Social security benefits for the mentally ill or disabled be able to be revoked by one session with one doctor or therapist who works for the social security administration???

Our own DRL family member is dealing with this exact issue.  Read Mothers Anguish by Marion Pellicano Ambrose.  I myself have been fighting with the Social Security Administartion for my disabled son since 2002 and for my husband since 2005.  

How do you fix a broken system??? How do you rally to help those with justified needs that have been revoked???  Kindly submit your answers, suggestion and or comments here!


  1. SIGH.......
    No one's talking. I feel a Jillian-esque "Random Rant" coming on. Talk to me, people!!!


  3. The power to totally pull support from someone should not be in the hands of one person, especially on a one interview basis! This is just another way for SS to make cuts at the expense of the mentally handicapped population.

  4. Forgive for I don't remember who it was.... someone on Marion's post suggested media attention. I agree with that. Use every option possible to get what you need. It stinks we have to go to this level but don't give up.

  5. I am Marion's daughter and I am also a psychology major. I can't even describe to you the effects of having a disabled family member has on a family as a whole. Growing up I watched my mom put her heart and soul into helping my brother when no one else even wanted to be in the same room as him. I think it is a major factor that the social security system neglects. I can understand the need to cut social security from those that really don't need it. But for people like my brother, who truly can't hold a civilized conversation, can't hold down a job, and who is mentally unstable I think cutting them is wrong. It is not just affecting him but all of us now. A person is never alone. One person can effect several others. If he does not receive social security then my mom will have to help him financially and emotionally which, as strong as she is and as amazing as she is, I believe that she shouldn't have to. I agree that a case like this should be brought to public attention so that Social Security can realize that they have to revise their system. In cutting one person's social security they are hurting several more.

  6. Dear Marion's Daughter,
    My brother is bipolar too. I know first hand the effects of growing up as the baby sister in that world. Know my prayers are with you. I <3 you. I will do all I can to help to fight this gross injustice!

    You keep the faith and keep being your Mom's angel!!!