Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tony Walker
This past Saturday after I took the brats... I mean... kids to see Big Time Rush at Sunrise Mall (the kids wanted to see them. I wanted to see Boyle) we grabbed some lunch at Jake's Wayback Burgers. We brought it home & my wife was there all excited about us bringing food home. Problem is I didn't know she was going to be there. I thought she was going to be at her other home, AKA Hot Yoga. I didn't her anything from Jakes. Now I know what you're thinking.... just give her some of yours! Well it's not that easy. My wife is a vegan so there is no way she would take a piece of my burger. She grabbed some of my fries but she knows not to take too much because it's widely known that I would sacrifice my mother for some fries. 

At this point you're probably asking yourself... what the hell does this have to do with "He Said She Said?" Well this is how. My wife was all disappointed that I didn't get her a veggie burger so I offered to run out to Burger King (which is closer to our house) & get her one. She said don't worry about. In fact, she insisted I don't. But for a few hours she was bummed about not having a veggie burger. So now my afternoon is shot because she's in a mood. Forget about some afternoon lovin before I head out to my gig that night, & if I don't get some lovin I'm not a happy man! So help me out here ladies... why do you say things "No don't get the burger" when you really want us to? Why must we men take the initiative? What's wrong with asking for yourself? I know some of you are going to say it's nice to know your man will do something without you having to ask for it, but is it such a big deal to ask sometimes? Isn't the bottom line is your man went & did it no matter who told him to?

Today my wife has the afternoon off so we're shooting up to good ol' Hicksville to hit Johnny Rockets. She loves their veggie burgers. Afternoon lovin here we come!!! 
Post your comments below & educate me please!!



  1. You just SO proved our point Mars! Why does getting your wife something she likes have to be linked to you "getting some lovin"? I'm sure her annoyance wasn't so much about not getting a veggie burger as it was you didn't think about her. Why not get one for when she got home from yoga, or call to see if she wants anything? It isn't that hard to take a moment to think of her sometimes.

  2. Whoopsie Tony... I agree with L.B. I call would have been nice to see if she wanted something or better yet once you did notice she was home offer to go back out and get her something to eat or make something for her instead. Becuz you know most Women do that for their Men.

  3. Men are from Mars and are obviously high!

  4. Tony - I'm thinking you need some back up from the male gender - get you pals posting.......