Monday, February 21, 2011


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

If it’s true that the type of dog you own says something about you, then I’m in big trouble! And if owners really do look like their dogs, it’s much, much worse than I thought! We have 4 dogs. The first is a 15 year old half schitzu / half silkie terrier. She’s totally deaf, has only 3 teeth, and her breath can kill. Our second dog is a Welsh Pembroke Corgi named Dudley. He’s nervous, waddles when he walks and is the epitome of stubborn! Dog #3 is a sheltie that we rescued. She was abused and used to be scared to death of men.
She’s the sweetest, most tolerant of all our dogs, but my husband says she’s a “pin head” because although her body is large, her head is the size of a toy poodle’s! And finally, there’s Roscoe! We rescued him as a puppy (an “imperfect” Yorkie who was discarded) to give to my mom. She was in Rehab and we thought a puppy would cheer her and give her something to look forward to when she came home. His head was tilted at an odd angle and he was larger than the average Yorkie, but he was
gentle, sweet and would lie next to her on the bed and let her pet him for hours. Sadly, my mom passed away. We inherited Roscoe and as soon as he came home with us, he became a full fledged puppy- chewing, jumping up, chasing the other dogs, stealing shoes and so on! He’s a wild man!!!!

And so you can see, I’m hoping those old adages just aren’t true although I wouldn’t
mind taking a few lessons from our dogs!

Lesson #1: Enjoy life! Roll in the grass, sniff at the air, and chase squirrels even though
you know you can’t catch them.

Lesson #2: Eat your food with gusto! Don’t worry about calories, cholesterol, or the latest health craze – just enjoy!

Lesson#3: Be grateful! A pat on the head, a little treat, a “good boy” are enough to fill a dog’s heart with joy!

Lesson #4: Above all, loyalty! Give your person all your love, protect him and meet him at the door every time he comes home! (And act just as happy if it’s been 5 minutes or 5 hours!)

Lesson #5: Love yourself! Scratch when you itch, nap often and never worry about your looks.

Remember, It’s a dog’s life!



  1. I loved your post! There is a book you should read. You will laugh out aloud and won't be able to hold it in! It is called, "Don't Dump the Dog" by Randy Grim

  2. What a delightful household you have described, Marion. What would life be like without our beloved pets to keep us company and to keep us mindful of what matters in this life?

  3. Four dogs! You have your own zoo! I do think that people who rescue and love animals are pretty special! Thanks for the entertaining story!

  4. I love dogs! Yours sound adorable! Now all you need is a cat to rev things up a bit!