Monday, February 21, 2011

No Matter How Long & Hard A Winter Is...


Dawn Boyle

Welcome to the Northeast! Today we woke up to another picturesque Winter Wonderland. It was only a few days ago when the temperature hit 60' and the kids wanted to wear shorts. We have to remember - it still is winter! February is normally the month when we get the most snow. The few inches we have been coated with today is nothing.

GOOD NEWS!! Exactly one month from today is the first day of spring! Which means you have time to start that exercise routine and be ready for your swimsuit debut! As for me, I am hitting Jenny Craig. Apparently no matter how hard I think about it, the 10lbs will not just melt off of me without doing something! If the four weeks is feeling a little too soon, there are thirteen weeks til Memorial day weekend...get out there and make something happen!




  1. Thanxs for the motivation Dawn. You and Barb now are my official motivator team.. Go Go Go ! and the pounds will be Gone Gone Gone !!!!

  2. okay...who is gonna motative me???? Thanks Patty for being in my cheer section here in the lounge!