Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Marion Pellicano Ambrose

Take a good look at these people. They sentenced an innocent family pet to death because he “looked like a pit bull”.  In Northern Ireland, it is against the law to own a pit bull. Lennox, an American Bulldog/ Lab mix, was taken from his family, locked up for 2 years and today, he was put to death.
 Lennox has never attacked, bitten, or threatened anyone. He was a beloved family pet for 6 years when he was ripped from his home because he resembled a pit bull.
Despite pleas from around the world, the heartless Belfast City Council decided Lennox had to die.
Lennox was murdered at 7 am this morning and the family wasn’t allowed to say goodbye, they were refused to be allowed to be by his side.  They were told they could not bring Lennox’s body home but they would receive “some ashes” in the mail.

Lennox has become a symbol of unjust treatment of animals. People and government officials must begin to enact animal rights legislation that will protect beautiful creatures like Lennox, who caused no harm and posed no threat. One reader posted the following poem on the One Million Lights for Lennox Page.


  1. This is just horrible! How can they do that with such an outpour of support for this poor animal? I say BOYCOT BELFAST!

  2. Thank you for writing about Lennox. This whole thing upset me so much!