Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Barbara Ward-Finneran & Dawn Boyle

What better way to give others hope then to see such amazing beauty be born out of what was formerly the darkness and despair of cancer.
Photographer, Michael D. Colanero’s, passion as an artist lead him to create visions that helps reconcile the desparities of cancer with empowering visions of hope.  This  journey to support Breast Cancer Awareness through the visual arts led him to create the Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting Project: A Fine Art & Photography Essay of SurvivorsThese works of art came into being through the combined efforts of Michael and very talented body painting artist, Keegan Hitchcock.  Michael provides the photography and digital artistry and Keegan uses the bodies of survivors as canvases to literally bring the images to life. The artists work together to develop a concept and design so that work of art gives visual voice to the specific survivor and their story.  As Michael has stated, “So far 23 brave and incredible women have selflessly stepped forward and been painted for the project. I may be the creator but these SURVIVORS are the project. Everything is a true collaboration of the women the body painter(s) and my work as well. All of it then shared and appreciated by the people it touches. Every link in the chain is important.”  The imagery is first painted onto the breast cancer survivor’s bare torso. Then it is photographed and digitally remastered creating stunning images that are thought provoking while raising awareness by embedding the survivors backstory visually within the works of art. A combination that creates a masterpiece with not just aesthetic value but art for and with a purpose.  The positive impact of this project has limitless potential. With over 200,000 breast cancer diagnoses each year in the US, it is Michael’s aim to "reach in all the directions it needs to, to make the biggest difference to those who need it most - financially, emotionally and spiritually."  If that is the “body” of the project, then the heart and soul is to inspire hope and foster and breed encouragement for those still on the journey of fighting this disease.  There is amazing hope fostered when the women (and men) can see positive and beautiful images of those who have walked the journey and won the battle.  
It is hope of DRL to give the “write” voice to this amazing project! The giving spirit and selflessness of these collaborative work and the backstories will continue to be shared here at the lounge in the coming weeks.
We invite you to join us on this journey, seen through the eyes of the artists’ and hearts of the brave women and men who allowed their inhibitions to fade and  in doing so, gave us, and will give the world, the opportunity to be touched by this amazing and awe inspiring art. 

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Photos used with permission of Michael D.Colanero & UNCOMMON GALLERY.
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