Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Jillian B. Hart
Walk me to the moon
To the place
Where all that we once imagined might be
That place that dreams could touch
Above and beyond the light
Untouchable triumph and majesty
Banishing darkness in a sea of stars
In what was once our field of dreams 

Walk me to the moon
To that place I still dare to remember
Young love... 
Faithful, constant, bright & foolish... 
Believing you never run out of time. 
The willingness to give
Without getting in return
Without needing. 
Knowing you are enough. 

Walk me to the moon
To that place I think of 
With a haunted flutter in my heart
when memories swim in my eyes and escape down my cheeks
Bathed in a light once so pure 
That it blinded us

Walk me to the moon
That place daydreams are made of
Lift me on the summer breeze
And angel wings
To that place that cannot be
But forever is

Walk me to the moon
That place in your heart
With the warm glow
It cannot be hidden
Like the full moon's light
It'll always be... 
Whenever you need it
Feel the warmth - that's where I'll be
Wrapped around you embraced by our memory

Walk me to the moon
That place where I see the reflection 
Of smiling eyes... 
Brighter then sunshine
Where healing goes on and life survives
Banishing darkness in a sea of wishes, in that endless sea of stars
Loving your life doesn't mean that you forget having been blinded too

Walk me to the moon
That place where Memories... 
Always paint a picture in the sky
Every detail changes
Yet the love remains the same 
Love and light are eternal 
Flood me with warmth
that forever dances in my dreams
brilliant as moonbeams at ebony's darkest edge


  1. Beautiful!!! Just love it!!!

  2. I came across this unexpectedly and was very moved by it. Seems that I'm not the only one drawn to the moon's quiet beauty. I never found it cold and forbidding. Thank you for writing this Jillian. I'll keep my eye out for more from you!

  3. Very glad that you both liked it. I LOVE THE MOON! It's magic, the way it moves your mind body and soul.. by bringing great light to the darkness. Thank you for the kind words. You can search the blog for more of my writings --- been on a bit of a hiatus --- planning on new posts soon! Stay tuned!