Sunday, September 25, 2011


Did You Know...

A cough releases an explosive charge of air that moves at speeds up to 60 mph.

A fingernail or toenail takes about 6 months to grow from base to tip.

Elvis Presley made only one television commercial - an ad for "Southern Maid Doughnuts" that ran in 1954.

A cockroach can live for up to a week without a head.

Columbus brought cacao (chocolate) beans back to Spain on his fourth voyage in 1502.

The penguin is the only bird that can swim, but not fly. It is also the only bird that walks upright.

A sneeze can exceed the speed of 100 mph.

After spending hours working at a computer display, look at a blank piece of white paper. It will probably appear pink.

An individual blood cell takes about 60 seconds to make a complete circuit of the body.

As bananas ripen, the starch in the fruit turns to sugar. Therefore, the riper the banana the sweeter it will taste.

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