Thursday, October 20, 2011


I spoke of Family Ties in a recent She Said post, I now would like to introduce my cousin.... ERIC.

Eric is the kind of guy who my kids look forward to seeing at large family gatherings. He has no problem playing hide-n-seek or sitting with them for an hour to hear about what is going on in their lives and of course speaking about our pets.

Eric will be joining us from time to time to tell us a funny story or share his thoughts on crap in the news. Eric is a former Wall Street dude that decided to live a healthier life away from New York City. He is a single guy, who has a heart of gold and does a mean Billy Crystal impersonation. So without further ado....ladies and gentleman - BONG HIT ERIC

Dawn Boyle

I first called Howard Stern in 1996. We argued about something and from then on, I was a regular caller. In 2004 Howard was telling me a story about being at Scores with his girlfriend Beth, now his wife. While listening to his story, I put the phone on my shoulder, grabbed my bong and did a hit. Howard heard the bubbles and asked if I was doing a bonghit. The next day on the air, I was dubbed BongHitEric. After that Artie and Howard would request a bonghit out of me almost every time I was on the air . I have done a hit on the air with several different people ranging from Marge Helgenberger from CSI to Motley Crue. A few others are Michael Buffer, Pam Anderson, Dr. Drew, and many more. My memory sucks. 
Howard and his staff have always been very generous and kind to me. Howard has sent me several prizes ranging from $500, to tickets for the Grammys with flight, room, etc. all expenses paid. For a few years, I was given so many "prizes" that Infinity Broadcasting sent me a W2. Ahhh the good 'ol days. I haven't been calling in lately, but maybe I will start to again soon. If you would like to hear the first time Howard "busted " me doing a bonghit on the air, you can listen to it @

Currently, I am trying to start a Dog Walking/Care Service in Rockland County,NY and Northern NJ. It's called Dog Duty and yes I thought up the name.

Check out my ad: 
I love animals and have experience volunteering at the Hudson Valley Humane Society. I'm hoping it works out. I used to work on Wall St. across from the NYSE, but stopped that line of work shortly after 9/11. I don't know what else to say right now other than I like pie. Feel free to ask me a question about my Howard days or anything about your pet! Would love to hear from you.
The Official Website of Bong Hit Eric from the Howard Stern Show


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your crazy times! I heard you are a avid concert goer, will we be hearing about your love of music?

  2. WELCOME ERIC! Hope to hear more from you cuz!

  3. I lived with Bong Hit Eric in college and in NYC after school and he is a great guy and I would trust him to care for any of my pets. If you live in Rockland and have a pet who needs to be taken care of you should definitely call Eric at Dog Duty.

  4. Dude!! Tell us some good stories man

  5. I wasn't always such a huge fan of Stern, however when my brother "won" 2 tickets to the grammy's all expenses covered, hotel, air, etc. & took me with him to Hollywood, I quickly started tuning in!!! Eric has always been a character of sorts & creates good times. It was no surprise to me that he became a regular on th Stern show. Oh yea, & he is of course incredible with animals, so feel free to contact him for "Dog Duty"

  6. Hey Now! Thnx for the warm welcome. College roomate, lots of good memories. Let's hang out this weekend. It's my birthday. We're Ganna have a good time. Sorry for the "delayed reaction" to the comments. I'm not on the intranet all the time. Also, I may b slightly burnt.

  7. can't wait to hear about the birthday antics in your next post! Enjoy the weekend and Happy Birthday!

  8. Classic!!!!!!

    Dog Duty... very creative... ; )