Monday, October 17, 2011


Last week was a big week in the Walker household!!!
My son gave me the first "F*&K you" face!
You know those looks pre teens and teens give you.... inside their little heads they're saying, "F&*k you Dad.... you suck. I am not listening to a thing you're saying right now. All I can think about is smashing your face against the wall. Keep on yelling baldy.... soon all this yelling will give you a heart attack. You're so old... what are you.... 40 something? You are so out of touch. You have no idea what my world is like."
You all gave your parents that look when you were a teen. I gave my mother that look almost every day.
We were in jr high damnit! We knew everything! School was a waste of time! Our parents didn't know what we were going through! Guess what... we are our parents now.
My children no longer have that innocence about them. They're older now.... which means I am too! AAHHHH!!!!
So I am just a few short years away from my son taking his first swing at me. I'm probably within months of him telling me he hates me.
Sometimes I worry about this stuff. Sometimes I think it's normal teenage stuff that everyone goes through. Sometimes I think of the movie "Field Of Dreams" where Kevin Costner had a huge fight with his father and never spoke to him again. When the father was dead Costner's character was full of regret. After I pass I'd like to think my son will build a field for me but I'm not sure if I can make it happen. So sometimes I worry that all he'll remember of his childhood is some grouchy one legged prick who always yelled.
Hopefully he'll straighten up, stop pissing me off, and behave in school so I won't have to yell so much. Then we can get along better and the F*$k You face will show up less. But before we get to that place I have a feeling a few more F$*k You faces will be heading my way.
Instead of him building a field for me I'll try to get him to build me a leg!!!!

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