Thursday, December 29, 2011


burger and beer 300x202

Tony Walker

Did you hear the solution to the world's overpopulation problem?
Some fast food restaurants are going to start selling beer!!
Half the United States will be wiped out in no time!
Let me explain.... most of us are always on the run. Work, shopping, driving the kids to their activities, etc. What's more convenient than grabbing a quick burger? But as we all know these things we call "burgers" are the most disgusting things to eat. Yet we go back for more all the time. Between those things & now beer? Our cholesterol levels will skyrocket & we'll be dead!
Serving beers at the fast food restaurants is a great example of how smart we are. Think about it. Most of the fast food places close around 11PM-12AM but leave the drive thru open practically all night long. SO GRAB A BEER AT THE DRIVE THRU!!! Fast burgers, fast beers, fast DWI's!!!
How soon before we hear about the drunken moron who bought a beer at Burger King then slams into something as he's pulling out of the drive thru?