Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dawn Boyle
I have been absent lately. I have let my laundry pile up. I have completely ignored the phone ringing and I am pretty sure my husband is convinced I am having an affair...

A few months ago, one of my "besties" called me on a Friday night. It was late. I picked up the phone and she stated "Read Fifty Shades and have Greg thank me when you're done." I questioned what she was talking about she repeated herself and hung up.

I raced up stairs to confines of my bedroom, opened up the laptop and googled the title. I read a few reviews and shut down the computer. I am not really a big reader, I am certainly not into some of the things they were saying in the review, and I really could careless about getting all involved with this book.

About a week or two after that phone call I was out for a Girls Night Out hosted by a friend. The book came up again, I told them about the call I received from our friend (who blew us off that night) and how she was so sure about me reading this book. There were a few chuckles about it being racy, there was a comment about not needing a book and that all was fine in their bedroom, and then there was the one comment that kept on coming back to me. It was the original comment about it making my husband thank my pal.....I went home and ordered the first book.

I am not going to go into details and will certainly not be a spoiler, but, I finished the first book, then I finished all three. I have fallen in love with Grey. I want to be Steele. I am still not into all the kink, but would do just about anything Grey wanted if he was going to give me that never being a worry, someone who's sole concern was my welfare, endless gifts and a staff to take care of everything?!?!?! - SIGN ME UP!

So the laundry will now get back on house will once again be tidy, all because my affair with Christian Grey is sadly over. Bittersweetly I bite my lip while holding back the tears that swell in my hazel I eagerly await the movie...we plan on renting a theater out and sipping champagne while we submerge ourselves in the perfect fantasy of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY.....til then - Laters, baby. 

Our own Jillian keeps time very well dancing with this type of genre.  Check out some of her Kinks, oops - I mean links below!

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  1. I have not read a book in....yikes... to long to admit. The laundry in my house is still piled high, no excuses.... but I do love to read your DRL posts. Thank you.

  2. you forgot your laundry and who rsvp'd!!! I too read all three and ignored daily life.....they were AWESOME!! Can't wait for the movie!!!

  3. Speaking of Jillian, where has she been. How about finishing a story?

  4. Oh I'm around... Always hanging at DRL, just in a quiet corner at times.

    Finishing a story... what's your request, anonymous... do tell. There are few lingering that the "endings" have yet to be "finished"... do tell - perhaps you can inspire me to go on with one.