Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HE SAID.... No Excuses

Tony Walker
This week's He Said is one of those where I make no excuses for the men & ask my fellow man "WTF"?

Two weeks ago we had a guest speaker at our SEPTA meeting.

I am the Co-President of Wantagh SEPTA. When I was introduced to the speaker she said, "Wow! A male SEPTA President. That's wonderful!"
In my head I'm wondering what the hell was that all about.
The speaker's topic was about being a parent without losing sense of being a couple with your spouse. I bet most of us here can say we've become parents & lost being a couple.
Then I saw all the couples that came to see the presentation. That's when it hit me that this was the most amount of men we've ever had in my time around SEPTA.

So after the presentation I asked the speaker if the lack of men is a wide problem. She said it is. but doesn't know why.  Well if she doesn't know I sure as shit don't know!!!

So what's up fellas?  Are you too macho? Are you afraid to admit your kid is special needs? Do you not believe in special needs & think that a knock in the head is what your kid needs?  Ladies-do you struggle with your man when it comes to dealing with the kids?  Do you have a special needs child that your man doesn't fully acknowledge?

We need to have some father support groups. I know there are some out there. I'll start checking some out.

Maybe I shouldn't talk about this & give away the secrets..... so many hot moms show up at these meetings & I'm the only guy there!!! WOO HOO!!!!

By the way, the speaker's name is Fran Prezant. She has a few books out on a variety of topics. I highly recommend checking her out!!!

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