Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HE SAID... Give me a break!

This week's He Said should be called He's Begging.
imgres.jpgWith the summer approaching my wife & I are trying to figure out what to do with our son for the summer.

Our daughter is Autistic. Our school district has a wonderful summer program for the special needs population. 

Our son used to attend that program but the program is geared more towards the Autistic Spectrum so he doesn't go there anymore.

Our boy is ADHD.  Last year was the first year he didn't attend our district's special needs summer program. Instead he attended a summer "rec" program for all the "typical" kids. What a disaster that was.

So this year we're looking for a program that is sensitive to ADHD.

WOW! Look at all the programs here on Long Island! There are a ton of programs that appear to be perfect for him!  COOL!!

Wait.... what? $6000?? That can't be right.... let's check another program.... $4000??? WHAT?! Another program.... a 2 week program at a local college.... $3900 FOR A 2 WEEK PROGRAM????
How can this be?????
We can hardly afford the $400 price tag for a week at Scout Camp!!! How the hell are we going to do a summer program that is worth more than my wife's car????

So I am begging for answers.... have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? 
I was thinking of selling my body but I'd most likely end up owing more money!!!

Nothing against the "typical" kids but they have so many options. Our special needs kids can't go without some kind of structure for the whole summer. We pay the same school taxes yet we have to pay more for special needs after school activities & summer programs! It's so unfair!!

I'm begging!!! Someone give me a solution..... one I can afford!!!


  1. Solution: you can't afford it. So he must stay home for summer.

  2. I love when people are so heartless yet they're too scared to stand behind their comments.

  3. Wasn't heartless at all. You asked for a solution. I gave you one.
    Like when you love a house or car, but can't afford it.

    Life sucks. And in this situation, you can't afford it (it sucks). So the little guy will be home with ya. Not what you planned, but what other alternative do you have??