Thursday, July 14, 2011


Tony Walker
I don't know if this is nationwide news or not but here on Long Island this is pretty big news.
Did you hear about the couple who were being overcharged by the electric company for at least 10 years... then when they proved their case the courts denied them because the courts felt they should've been more conscious of what their bills were? The courts said these people took too long to report this problem! Is it me or is this crazy???

Once again the middle class gets screwed without a kiss.
Where is the punishment for the electric company??? How many of you know exactly what you are paying for when it comes to your utilities?? What about the poor little old lady who is still living by herself on a fixed income? You're telling me she knows exactly what she is paying for? She has no idea! She's paying what the utilities are telling her!

This poor couple have been working their whole lives, paid over $10,000 too much and are told it's their fault???

Someone got a check under the table so that most of Long Island won't sue the bastards for being overcharged.

What do you think? Do you agree with the courts decision?


  1. This was SO wrong! If the government didn't notice you underpaid your taxes for a few years do you think the court would tell them it's their fault? I think not!
    Great post Tony!

  2. I agree, but I usually don't. So I'll write this here:

    If it wasn't for the occasional disagreement, debate, attack, etc... this place would be a ghost town 24/7. You get no comments from people... like EVER!

    So deal with criticism or why write? Mike Francesa, Howard Stern, and Sean Hannity aren't great radio personalities for being kind.

    What are you looking for in comment participation? "Great post, i agree"? BORING. This is why the site is spiraling and not soaring. Embrace debates. You call them attacks, I call them opinions. Without them, you get NO COMMENTS. This site is filled with women who cannot handle altercation. "You suck" and "clicks clicks clicks"! Well suck this and your clicks = zero bucks.

    Develop some thick skin and don't whine when someone disagrees with you; in the fashion they do it. Is my tone crass? Sometimes. In the grand scheme of life, who cares.

    Until my next insensitive reply...

  3. Max E. Padd....

    DRL is and has ALWAYS been a place for voicing opinion. We have NEVER blocked or taken down a comment (wait, I think Barbara may have once). We revel in banter. We love the back and forth. We LOVE comments. For some reason many of our readers choose to write comments to us on our facebook pages...we have been considering copy and pasting so people can get more involved, but not sure of the legality behind it.

    We are only 5 months old. We have been read in over 90 something countries. We have visits in the thousands daily. We are very happy with the progress we have made. We are also NOT happy when people personally attack someone either in our DRL family OR someone from our stories. Kinda like you would feel if someone said your wife was fat...or why don't you have a wife...or why did it take so long for you to move out of your mother's basement...or why do you think you have no's just nasty and hurtful. If you disagree with something on here let it flow - we can take it. I am married to a Greek/Jew. I am a mother of two girls. I live in a town where $ means everything. I can handle a little sparring with ya. My skin is thick and my DRL family is "thick as thieves". We will go down in a hail of bullets together defending our own!

    Keep the comments coming - and as always...thanks for reading!

    (the original comment was made by Max E. Padd on Thursday morning. It was in our "spam" folder and I didn't see it immediately as we very rarely receive spam)