Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Tony Walker
I'm interested in the responses from the sports buffs to this Penn State mess. My opinion is that whatever goes on in locker rooms & the way people behave when in the locker rooms will change forever. 
Individual showers? No more patting each other on the ass, which goes on in many sports. Even the way the players talk to each other will be different. 
No one wants to be the next Sandusky.... no one wants to be the next one accused.... things will change.
I just hope this doesn't turn into another priest scandal where coaches across the Country will be exposed. Hopefully this is an isolated thing.
Did you hear Sandusky admitted he showered with the boys & touched their legs but denies being a pedophile. Is this guy kidding?? What a shame.
And Paterno!!! What a way to end a brilliant career!!! Personally I agree with his firing & think he should be held accountable for his actions... or lack of actions.
What do you think guys? Do you think the off the field ways will change? Why? Do you think Paterno & whoever else was fired deserved to lose their jobs?
Maybe someone can answer this question for me. Has there been research to figure out why these men are into boys? What's turning them on about something so sick?


  1. Tony, I have mixed feelings about this. I think that Sandusky should fry. I think that many other victims will come forward that were abused by this monster. I think that his foster children might also need to unload whatever they dealt with by the hands of their "care-giver". But here is what I am on the fence with...I am not sure that EVERYONE else should be getting thrown under the bus for their limited actions to alert the authorities. I think that we need to focus on the real issues here and that is SANDUSKY is the monster. I feel horrible for the victims. This should be a wake-up call to EVERYONE!

  2. Anyone that had knowledge that these poor, harmless little boys were being abused should be punished too. They were enablers--and should be held responsible. If he was stopped at the beginning of his disgusting rampage soooo many young boys lives could have been saved. Their lives are now changed forever!

  3. I'm not a sports buff, but I don't see how this horrible event will impact how athletes treat each other on or off the field. The male bonding and horseplay will go on. This is not the first scandal of it's kind nor will it be the last. Just this week the Citadel says it regrets not telling police about allegations made against one of its graduates who has now been charged with sexually abusing five boys.

    Sandusky may be the monster, Dawn, but there were at least two people who clearly witnessed sexual acts being committed on children. How can anyone see that and not go immediately to the police? That's what I can't wrap my mind around. They allowed it to continue, they enabled him in the rape of children. There are very few things more heinous than that. I think everyone who knew and did nothing but protect a child molester should be held accountable. Losing their jobs is a start.

  4. I probably should have investigated a little more before commenting on Tony's post. I was going on the short clips I have seen in the news and read in my local paper. After being prompted by my friend Gina, who has been following this case closely, I dedicded to dive in a little deeper on the situation with Sandusky. I came across this list...below is 20 names, only one of which contacted the police. It seems more like a cover up or a pass the buck and in the end the "MONSTER" was able to continue to do horrible things to the victims. We live in a freaking sick world people. It seems to get sicker by the day!

    List of all people named in the indictment -

    01. Joe Miller — HS wrestling coach, witnessed unusual contact at a HS
    02. Steve Turchetta – Asst. principal, suspicious, knew #6 mom complained
    03. Anthony Sassano — AG Agent, had records of Sandusky calling child over 100 times
    04. Mike McQueary — Grad assistant, witnessed rape of child in Penn State sports complex
    05. McQueary’s father — Son told him he witnessed a rape immediately after it happened
    06. Joe Paterno — McQueary told him he witnessed rape morning after and in person
    07. Tim Curley — Penn St. Athletic Dir., Paterno told him, lied 1/11 to grand jury
    08. Gary Schultz — Penn St. VP of Finance, Paterno told him, lied 1/11 to grand jury
    09. Jack Raykovitz — Exec. Director of The Second Mile, Curley told him
    10. Graham Spanier — Pres. of Penn St., Curley told him
    11. Wendell Courtney — Counsel to Penn St., pro bono counsel, The Second Mile
    12. Ray Gricar — DA Centre County, Courtney relayed incident to him
    13. Mother of Victim #6 — called Penn State Police in ’98
    14. Ralph Ralston — Penn St. Univ. Police Detective, investigated victim #6
    15. Thomas Harmon — Penn St. Director of Police, told Shreffler to close investigation
    16. Jerry Lauro — Investigator, PA Dept. of Public Welfare (1998)
    17. Ronald Shreffler — Penn St. Univ. Police Detective - investigated victim #6
    18. Jim Calhoun – Janitor, 2000 witness to sex act
    19. Ronald Petrofsky — Janitor, Calhoun told him
    20. Jay Witherite — Supervisor to Calhoun and Petrofsky, was informed

    That long list and now knowing how long this has been going on makes me sick to my stomach.



  6. So if it was just Paterno, Dawn, you think he shouldn't be vilified, sued, fired, etc? He didn't do very little...he did nothing at all!!
    And then the rapes continued for years.
    You think because he didn't do the actual act, he should get some sort of pass??? That's insane.
    Paterno should be run out of town, have every statue torn down. People who support him are asses. That man is a disgrace!

    If it would be like witnessing your neighbor raping a child or hearing about it from the source, and you do nothing about it.

    If you haven't read the grand jury report on what Sandusky did, and what Paterno (and many others) didn't do... prepare to vomit!