Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Dawn Boyle
We lost another child to bullying. Last week 10 year old Ashlynn Conner hung herself after being bullied in school and in her neighborhood. The Illinois family is speaking out after this tragic death in hopes that awareness will save other families from dealing with such horrific consequences.

I read the article and watched the video from CBS News. I have a ten year old myself. I know what children her age do to each other and it breaks my heart. It seems that every few weeks our country is burying another child due to the effects of bullying. When will it end?

What has to be done in school and or at home to prevent this from happening? I feel that sometimes I wish my children weren't growing up in such a world that it is all too easy to write something or text something to harm another. Why is it that our children do not feel that there is any other way of dealing with such harassment than taking their own life?

From what I read, Ashlynn had told her parents about what was going on. She begged to be home schooled. She told her mother that children were calling her names, specifically slut and ugly. A slut? How on earth would a 10 year old be a slut? Better yet, how does another 10 year old even know that word? Once more, how does a 10 year old know how to hang themselves? OVER EXPOSURE!


Sit down with your children tonight, one on one. Ask them what is going on in their lives outside of the home. Have communication with other parents and teachers if you see changes in your own child. Make sure your child has a close adult that they can confide in, such as an uncle or aunt, pastor or older sibling. Keep all lines of communication open and pray to God that the bullying stops. These tragedies can be stopped, it takes us adults to make it end! ENOUGH OF THE "NOT MY KID"!!

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Conner Family and all other children and families that have been affected by bullying.

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  1. also ask them if they know the lyrics to songs and if they understand them...